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Traveler SIM with Mabuhay Miles Promo | Help & Support | Globe

Traveler SIM with Mabuhay Miles Promo

What is the PAL Traveler SIM?

The PAL Traveler SIM is a Philippine SIM powered by Globe. It is exclusively for passengers on Philippine Airlines international flights who are visiting the Philippines for vacation or business.

Do I need to use an open line phone to use this SIM?

If your phone is locked to another network (ex. AT&T), then it's possible that your PAL Traveler SIM may not work. Only open line handsets can be used with the SIM.

Where can I avail of the PAL Traveler SIM?

PAL Traveler SIMs are available at the Globe Booth in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminals 1 and 2, Clark International Airport, and Cebu-Mactan International Airport.

What is the difference between PAL Traveler SIM and the regular SIM offers?

The PAL Traveler SIM comes with FREE 300MB for mobile surfing and unlimited calls to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day. You may also avail of 500 BONUS Mabuhay Miles using your PAL Traveler SIM.

Is the SIM pre-loaded already?

Absolutely! The PAL Traveler SIM has FREE 300MB for mobile surfing and unlimited calls to Globe/TM mobiles, valid for 1 day.

How can I avail of the freebie?

Using your PAL Traveler SIM, just text MABUHAY to 8080 for free and wait for the confirmation message within 24 hours.

Do I need to follow a certain prefix for calls or texts? Or is it the same procedure when using a regular SIM?

In order to call or text, simply dial <+><country code><area code><phone number>. For example, +639171234567. This is similar when using a regular SIM.

What is the validity of the SIM card?

The PAL Traveler SIM is valid for three months. If it is not reloaded or used after this time, the SIM will expire. For lost or defective SIM, this can be replaced with the same number at any Globe Stores nationwide. However, once the SIM is expired, the same number cannot be retrieved anymore.

What is the size of the SIM card? Will it fit my smartphone unit?

The PAL Traveler SIM is available in tri-cut form (standard, micro, and nano sizes).

How much does load cost?

We currently sell load in P100, P300, and P500 denominations in airports.

Is this the minimum load amount? Can I load below P100?

In Manila, Clark, Davao, Cebu, Iloilo, Kalibo Airport terminals and Caticlan Jetty Port, P100 is the minimum load amount since AutoLoadMax services are not present.

Where can I buy load?

Besides NAIA terminals, Globe load is available at over 800,000 retailers nationwide.

How do I check my load balance?

a. Text BAL to 222 (FREE of charge) or dial 222 and press call (P1 per message sent).

b. You will receive a text update of your account balance and remaining free texts.

What are the local and international rates when using the PAL Traveler SIM?

Calls and Texts from Abroad
Standard Call Rates Per Minute
International Direct Dial
$0.40 worldwide
National Direct Dial
P7.50 nationwide
Globe to Globe/TM
Globe to other networks
Globe to landline
Video IDD
US$0.0067 per second
Standard Text Rates
International SMS
Globe to Globe/TM
Globe to other networks

Your rates are so expensive. Do you have any promos for international calls?

We currently have promos for international calls such as IDD Sakto Calls, IDD Tingi, SuperIDD, Go IDD, and Go tipIDD. To learn more about these promos, dial *143#.

Can I avail of local promos and services? What are the current promos that I can avail of with the PAL Traveler SIM?

The Traveler SIM allows you to avail of local promos. Dial #143* or visit to learn more about our latest promos and offers.

Can the PAL Traveler SIM access mobile Internet?

Yes, of course! Feel free to access our mobile internet services for the duration of your stay in the Philippines.

What is the internet speed on the PAL Traveler SIM?

The Traveler SIM is now compatible with LTE supporting fast mobile browsing. You can experience high-speed mobile data for LTE-capable devices especially within LTE coverage.

Is there a fee for LTE activation?

Activation of LTE is free of charge.

What are the LTE covered areas?

For a complete list of areas where LTE is available, click here.

If I have the LTE activated, will there be any changes on the experience on calls, texts, and promo?

No worries! Regular calls, text, and data rates will still apply.

How much does surfing in LTE cost?

Surfing costs P5/15 minutes. If you want to maximize your LTE experience, you can subscribe to Globe's wonderful GoSURF promos.

How can I set-up my mobile Internet services?

Whether you're using iOS, Android OS, Blackberry, or Windows 7 Operating Systems, see for the Device Configuration Guide.

Can I use my PAL Traveler SIM in other countries (besides the Philippines)/for roaming?

a. Your Traveler SIM can be pre-activated for roaming services. Simply type GROAM ON and send to 8080.
b. Activation should be done at least 24 hours before departure. You'll receive confirmation thru text once your International Roaming is activated.
c. For more information on prepaid roaming, visit

Mabuhay Miles Promo

How can I get bonus Mabuhay Miles?

New members can get 500 bonus Miles by visiting to enroll. Once done, text your Mabuhay Miles number to 3456.

Oh, I see. I'm not a Mabuhay Miles member. How do I register to become one?

  • If you're not yet a member, just visit to enroll and to start earning Miles. You can get a chance to fly for free.
  • Once done, text your Mabuhay Miles membership number (9-digits) to 3456 using your FREE Traveler SIM. You'll be able to get 500 bonus Miles.

It sounds easy! Do I have to use my Traveler SIM when sending my details?

Yes. This offer is for eligible customers using Traveler SIM only.

How many Mabuhay Miles will I be given?

You will be given 500 BONUS Mabuhay Miles once you send your details to 3456.

When will the bonus Mabuhay Miles be credited to my account?

Your bonus miles will be credited to your account within two weeks from the time you sent your details.