FOX+ End of Service

What is changing for FOX+?

From February 1, 2020, we regret to announce that Globe will no longer be offering new FOX+ subscriptions in the Philippines. By April 1, 2020 FOX+ will no longer be available for any Globe customers and FOX+ will no longer be available in the Philippines.

Why will FOX+ no longer be available in the Philippines after April 1, 2020?

The discontinuation of FOX+ is part of our partner's ongoing effort to streamline and optimize their digital offers in Asia.

Do I need to cancel my FOX+ subscription?

The FOX+ service will end automatically by April 1, 2020. As such, you don’t need to cancel the service.

How can I continue watching shows, movies & sports from FOX+?

In the Philippines, you can continue to catch hit television series, Hollywood movies, National Geographic documentaries, and live sports available from their local cable channel distributors.