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Product Overview

What is Viu?

Viu is a localized, legal digital platform providing online video content in the Asia-Pacific region. Viu provides premium content from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China - with English and Chinese subtitles (for selected titles). Dramas and variety shows are available in Viu as fast as 8hours after its original telecast for Viu Premium members. Users of Viu will not need to spend time browsing from illegal sources or face the risk of copyright issues. Instead, they will be able to enjoy a seamless viewing experience across different devices such as tablets, mobile phones and TV+. Content may also vary per region.

What are the type of programs are provided by Viu?

Viu currently provides Korean, Japanese, Thai and Hong Kong drama series, as well as lifestyle, music and variety shows catered to all different age groups. In addition to Viu’s existing and extensive line-up of premium Asian content, Viu Premium members can also enjoy blockbuster Korean and Asian movies encompassion award-winning films, box office hits and all-time favorites across different genres. More Asian premium content will be included in the near future.

How do I watch videos on Viu?

You can stream the videos on Viu web page or via Viu app without a registered account. If you are a registered Viu Basic or Premium member, you can also download the video(s) to watch offline.

Why should I register to Viu?

Registered Viu members can download videos to watch offline on mobile phone and tablets (download one video for Viu Basic members and download unlimited videos for Viu Premium), save their viewing progress, bookmark the programs they are watching and receive notifications on new episodes whereas non-registered users will not be able to do so.

What is Viu Premium?

Viu Premium is Viu’s paid subscription service that allows for seamless video streaming. With Viu Premium, you can enjoy complete access to premium content from Korea, Japan, HongKong and China with minimal exposure to ads. This includes access to 150 Asian movies. You can also download unlimited series for offline streaming, watch the latest shows only up to 8hours after original telecast, and watch episodes at High Definition (HD) or on your TV.

Can I project the shows to my own Television (TV) set?

Viu Premium members would be able to project all content to TV except for selected titles.

Can I stream the videos on Viu when I’m overseas?

The content on Viu app is only limited to viewing in the region you are in now. However, if you are a registered Viu Basic or Premium member, you can download the video(s) and watch them offline.

What are the language options available for subtitles and how can I change my preference?

Viu provides localized subtitles varying by region.

When on the Viu web page, select your preferred language under the dropdown menu on the top right corner.

When on the Viu app, tap the Viu logo on the top left corner to enter Member Center. Go to “Language Settings” and choose your preferred language from there.

At what speed should my internet be in order to use Viu?

For streaming High Definition (HD) videos, recommended speed for streaming videos is 5MBps.

How much data allowance does Watching K-Dramas on Viu use?

Data charges will be applicable for streaming videos if you are connected to the mobile network. Viewing videos at Standard Definition (SD) through Viu Basic will make use of around 700 MBper hour. On the other hand, viewing in High Definition (HD), will use up to 900 MB per hour for 720p videos and 1.5 GB per hour for 1080p videos.

Why can I only see a 3-minute preview for some programs?

Programs marked with a pink icon are reserved as content available exclusively for Viu Premium members. Members with basic Viu access can enjoy Korean & Japanese simulcastdramas and variety shows 3 days (72 hours) after Viu Premium.

Why are certain series incomplete?

Due to content licensing rights, there could be some episodes from series that are not available.


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