HOOQ for Mobile

What is HOOQ?

HOOQ is an online entertainment service offering more than 10,000 foreign and local movies and TV series that can be watched on PCs, tablets, and smartphones connected over the internet. HOOQ access is available by subscribing via your Globe, TM, or Tattoo number.

Who can avail of HOOQ?

HOOQ is available to Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, TM, Tattoo Postpaid, Tattoo Prepaid, and Globe Broadband customers.

To know more about HOOQ for Globe Broadband, click here.

Great! What are the HOOQ variants I can avail of?

There are three HOOQ variants available.

HOOQ 149 - 30-days access for P149

HOOQ 299 - 30-day access plus 1GB for video streaming for P299

HOOQ 499 - 30-day access plus 2GB for video streaming for P499

For a limited period of time (March 13 to July 31, 2015), you also have the choice of free HOOQ or free SPOTIFY PREMIUM to go with your registration of GoSURF 299 and up!

How do I register and get HOOQ'd?

To register, simply text the keyword of your desired HOOQ promo to 8080 for free. You can get a list by texting HOOQ LIST to 8080 for free.

Once you choose a HOOQ variant and register, we'll send you your activation code! If you're using a postpaid account, you'll have to accept HOOQ's terms and conditions by texting ACCEPT HOOQ before getting your activation code. Once you get your code, enter it at http://hooq.tv to start watching!

You also get free HOOQ access every time you register to GoSURF 299 and up!

Does my HOOQ subscription auto-renew?

HOOQ will only auto-renew if you're a postpaid customer. If you don't want your HOOQ to auto-renew, simply unsubscribe before your promo expires.

Can I check the status of my HOOQ subscription?

Yes. You can simply text HOOQ STATUS to 8080 for free to check the validity of your HOOQ subscription.

I don't have a HOOQ account yet. How do I create one?

Registering is easy! Simply go to http://hooq.tv and click the Sign Up button on the upper right. Once there, enter your details and put a check on the box stating you understand and agree to the terms and conditions and that's it!

I just created my HOOQ account! How do I get my HOOQ activation code?

Your HOOQ activation code will be sent to your phone when you register to any of our HOOQ variants. You can also get HOOQ 199 via http://hooq.tv by entering your mobile number under "Charge to GLOBE/TM number" in the Payment Method page.

How do I watch videos on HOOQ?

You can watch movies either by streaming or downloading. Take note that you can only stream and download videos simultaneously if you do it on 2 different devices. If you try to stream and download on the same device, the download will be paused and will only resume once streaming activity has ended.

What devices can I use to access HOOQ?

HOOQ is currently available on the following devices:

  • iPad 2 and above, iPad mini, iPhone 4 and above with iOS 7.x (best used with iOS 7.x)
  • Android mobile and tablet (best used with Android OS 4.1.x – Jellybean and above)
  • The following internet browsers on PCs and Macs (requires Microsoft Silverlight plug-in)
    ✔ Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, 10 and above (64-bits IE 8 and 9 are not supported)
    ✔ Chrome version 23 and above
    ✔ Firefox versions 20 and above
    ✔ Safari versions 5 and above 

How many devices can I use HOOQ on?

You can log in up to 5 devices on your HOOQ account. If you want to reset your devices, you can email [email protected]

Can I resume watching a video that I didn't finish?

Yes, you can resume watching the video as long as you still have an active HOOQ subscription. You can access your last viewed videos in "My Library". As long as you use the same device, you can start off from where you paused your video.

How many videos can I download per account?

You can have up to 5 downloaded videos on any of device at any given time. These downloaded videos can't be transferred to other devices and can only be played or deleted using HOOQ.

Downloading videos is only available for smartphones and tablets. If you want to download more videos, simply delete one of the videos you already have.

Can I watch videos on HOOQ when I'm outside the Philippines?

Sorry, but you won't be able to stream or download new videos when outside the Philippines. However, you can watch movies you previously downloaded in the Philippines. So make sure to stock up on movies before the big out-of-the country trip!

I'm now HOOQ'd! Will streaming on HOOQ be charged mobile data rates?

It depends. If you're streaming on Wi-Fi, there will be no charge. But if you're streaming on mobile data, the regular browsing rate will apply unless you're registered to a surf promo. HOOQ 299 and HOOQ 499 comes with a free allocation of 1GB/2GB, meaning you get to stream or download using mobile data for free, until your free allocation is used up.

Can I register to multiple HOOQ variants at the same time?

Sorry, but you can't register to multiple HOOQ promos at the same time.

How many movies/shows can I watch with my HOOQ allocation?

This will depend on the resolution of your video, but you can watch at least two (2) 90-minute movies with 1GB allocation. The resolution of your video is set to automatic, and adjusts depending on your device and internet speed.

Will my usage of HOOQ count under the Fair Use Policy?

This will count only if you're on a surf promo that's covered by our Fair Use Policy. If you want the best value for your browsing without worrying about possible reduced internet speed, you can register to GoSURF.


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