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What is WHATSAPP20?

For just P20, you can already enjoy all-day WHATSAPP-to-WHATSAPP calls, messages and all other functions inside the WHATSAPP mobile application! No need to connect to a WiFi network!

How much does this promo cost?

The promo only costs P20 valid for 1 whole day. Note that standard rates will apply after the promo validity.

Who can avail of WHATSAPP20? Is this available to Globe Postpaid and TM customers as well?

This is an exclusive offer for Globe Prepaid customers only.

Is this promo available nationwide?

Yes, it is!

So how do I register to this cool promo?

You can register via SMS or via our self-service menu.

Via SMS:

Simply text WHATSAPP20 and send to 8080. 

Via *143# (self-service):
Dial *143# on your mobile phone then select:

  • 2 for Surf promos
  • 3 for Unlichat
  • Choose from:
    - WHATSAPP20

How will I know if I am already registered to the service?

You will receive a text message confirming your registration. Once received, you may already start enjoying your all-day access to WHATSAPP.

Do I need to maintain prepaid load balance to use this service?

Yes, please maintain P1 to continuously enjoy the service.

If I'm currently registered to other Globe Prepaid promos, will I still be able to register to this WHATSAPP20?

Of course, you still can! The promo may be used simultaneously with any data/internet surfing promo.

Can I register and use the promo when I'm outside the country?

Sorry, but registration and use of this promo may only be done inside the Philippines. Standard roaming charges will apply if you use it outside the Philippines.

How can I check the status of my promo?

All you have to do is text WHATSAPP20 STATUS to 8080 to check the validity of your promo.

How can I stop my promo subscription?

Just text WHATSAPP20 STOP to 8080 to stop the promo.

How do I download WHATSAPP?

It's easy! Just go to the app store/s of your phone's Operating System (OS) and download WHATSAPP

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia
  • Bada

Do note that some apps may not be available in a particular OS. The app itself is free but downloading it will require regular data charges if you are using Globe's mobile data connection, unless subscribed to a data plan/promo. Upon installation of the app in your phone, you can already use WHATSAPP20 for free even without WiFi.

Wait, is this service capped?

Use of WHATSAPP20 is subjected to Globe's fair use policy. We reserve the right to terminate and/or suspend promo subscription/s suspected of violating this policy. The Fair Use Policy prevents network abuse, allowing us to maintain the quality of our services for customers and to fully optimize network capacity.

For more information about our Fair Use Policy, please log on to