DisneyLife for Mobile

What is DisneyLife?

DisneyLife offers a total Disney experience with a diverse selection of shows, movies, music and exclusives from Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. You can now experience the world of Disney all in one app anytime, anywhere!

What features can I enjoy with DisneyLife?

  • Shows on Disney Channel/ Disney Junior/ Disney XD
  • Video-On-Demand (VOD) service featuring full episodic content
  • Download unlimited content for offline viewing Listen to Disney music tracks
  • Theatrical titles from Marvel, Disney, Lucasfilm and Pixar

How do I watch movies and shows on DisneyLife?

You must have an internet connection with a speed of at least 1.5Mbps to enjoy seamless playback of videos.

Will I be charged when streaming shows with DisneyLife app?

It depends, if you're streaming on Wi-Fi, there will be no charge. But if you're streaming using mobile data, the regular browsing rate will apply unless you're registered to a surf promo.

What devices can I use with DisneyLife app?

You can use any Android smartphone and tablet devices running on Android 4.1 and above, or Apple mobile devices running on iOS 7.0 and above.

How many devices can I use to watch on DisneyLife?

You can register up to 10 devices at the same time on your DisneyLife. 4 concurrent users can access the app. Once a 5th user logs in, the first device to connect will automatically be removed.

Can I download movies and shows on DisneyLife?

Yes, you can download them for offline viewing.

How long can I access the movies and shows I downloaded?

You can access them for 30 days from the time they're downloaded. After which, they'll be removed from your list of downloaded content.

When do new movies and new episodes of shows get added to DisneyLife?

DisneyLife's library is updated regularly with new movies and episodes of your favorite TV shows. Please note that certain movies and shows vary in availability and content distribution is owned and managed by Disney. This means that they may also have to remove certain titles in order to make room for new ones.

Who are eligible for a free trial of DisneyLife?

  • All existing Globe Postpaid customers and new or recontracting Globe Postpaid customers of ThePLAN/ThePLAN PLUS 999 and up within May 25, 2018 to August 31, 2018 are eligible for 6 months free trial of DisneyLife.
  • Prepaid customers can enjoy a 1-month free trial of DisneyLife through GoWATCH.

How do I claim my free DisneyLife subscription?

For eligible Postpaid customers

  • Wait for a text containing a link leading to https://disneylife.globe.com.ph
  • After clicking the link, enter your mobile number to request for a one-time PIN.
  • After mobile number has been verified, agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Once done, create a DisneyLife account and download the DisneyLife app from The App Store or Google Play
  • Enjoy hundreds of shows, music and movies from DisneyLife!

For Prepaid customers

  • Subscribe to GoWATCH 29/399/99
  • Wait for this confirmation message:
    Be our guest! We're giving you 30-day Premium access to DisneyLife! Enjoy a whole new world of Disney movies and TV shows right on your phone till . Go to https://disneylife.globe.com.ph to complete your registration and enjoy a full Disney experience. Watch DisneyLife with your GoWATCH for worry-free streaming! To check the status of your free premium DisneyLife, text GW DLIFE STATUS to 8080. Have a wonderful day!

I availed of a Disney Channel/Disney Junior/Disney XD promo before. Does this mean I also have a DisneyLife subscription?

No, availing of a Disney Channel/Disney Junior/Disney XD promo doesn't entitle you to a DisneyLife subscription.

I'm a Postpaid customer who's currently subscribed to Disney Channel/Disney Junior/Disney XD. Can I still avail of the free DisneyLife access?

Yes, you can avail of the free DisneyLife access once you unsubscribe from Disney Channel/Disney Junior/Disney XD. You won't be able to redeem your free DisneyLife access if you're still subscribed to any of these channels.

I availed of a DisneyLife promo before. Do I still have my free DisneyLife access?

No. The 6-month free trial of DisneyLife can only be availed once. If you want to continue using DisneyLife, you may avail of the paid version by texting DLIFE149 to 8080.

I'm a Postpaid customer who received the free 6-month access to DisneyLife. Until when can I redeem this freebie?

Your DisneyLife free trial may be redeemed within 60 days upon receipt of the text informing you of your freebie. Also, please note that the free trial is only valid for 6 months from the day you receive the text notification.

What happens after my free DisneyLife trial ends?

For Prepaid customers, your DisneyLife access will be forfeited. If you want to continue to the paid version, just text DLIFE149 to 8080.

For Postpaid customers, your subscription will be converted to the paid version worth P149/month unless you unsubscribe by texting FREE DISNEYLIFE STOP to 8080 before the end of your trial.

How do I check the status of my DisneyLife promo?

To check the status of your DisneyLife subscription, just text DLIFE STATUS to 8080.

I'm a Postpaid customer who subscribed to DisneyLife 149. Does this auto-renew?

For Postpaid customers, DisneyLife 149 auto-renews monthly unless you unsubscribe by texting DLIFE149 STOP to 8080 before the renewal date.

I renewed my Globe Postpaid line when my contract period expired. Am I still eligible for the DisneyLife promo?

You are eligible for a 6-month free trial of DisneyLife as long as you are a new or recontracting customer subscribed to ThePLAN / ThePLAN PLUS 999 or higher, and availed of your plan from May 25 to August 31, 2018.

I voluntarily suspended my plan due to an overseas trip. Can I still use my free DisneyLife subscription?

Yes, you can enjoy your free DisneyLife subscription as long as your 6-month trial period has not yet expired. Please note that the freebie will not be suspended when you temporarily put your Globe Postpaid plan on hold, so the 6-month duration will continue to run throughout the duration of your plan's suspension.

Can I unsubscribe from DisneyLife once my free trial ends?

Yes, you have the option to discontinue your DisneyLife subscription once the free trial ends without any additional costs.


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