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Prepaid MyFi LTE and LTE-A FAQ - Globe Help & Support


Globe continuously updates its roster of products and services. In line with this, LTE and LTE-A Mobile WiFi will now be available while supplies last. Don’t worry, you may continue using your existing LTE or LTE-A Mobile WiFi, and avail of our data services.

Globe Prepaid MyFi LTE and LTE-A

What are the features of the Globe MyFi LTE and LTE-A?

Globe MyFi LTE runs on Globe's LTE network at speeds of up to 42 Mbps while the MyFi LTE-A goes up to 100 Mbps. It allows you to connect to the Internet even while you are on the go. Just turn on the device—no need to plug in the USB port and you can connect up to twelve (12) devices!

Where can I buy Globe MyFi?

Globe MyFi LTE & LTE-A  is available across all Globe Stores and retailers, including online shops nationwide.

How much is the product and what freebie do I get?

Globe MyFi is now made more affordable! Get a MyFi LTE for only P799 from P999, or a MyFi LTE-A for P1,499 from P1,999.

On top of that, get a free SURF4ALL99 with 9GB all access data, shareable to 4 subscribers, valid for 7 days.

How can I avail of the freebie?

Claim the freebie in 5 easy steps:

  1. Put the Globe Prepaid LTE Mobile WiFi SIM in the LTE Mobile WiFi device.
  2. Join the MyFi Wi-Fi network using the SSID and password in the device's cover.
  3. Go to and input username and password In the Dashboard, go to the SMS Tab and click "New".
  4. Type GETFREEBIE and send to 8080.
  5. Wait for a confirmation message on the Dashboard.

How do I share and manage the freebie?

Once you've claimed the freebie, you can go to the GlobeOne app to manage it. You can do the following via the app:

  1. To add members, just go to Dashboard > View Details > Manage Group Data > Add Members >  type the name and mobile number > Add Member.
  2. To set data limits or the allowed usable data to the added members, go to Dashboard > View Details > Manage Group Data > Manage Data  Limit > Select Member > Select Data Limit > Apply.
  3. To check the status of the freebie, go to Dashboard > View Details > Manage Group Data.
  4. To stop the promo or remove members any time in the group, go to Dashboard > View Details > Manage Group Data > Remove  member > tick the name of the member you wish to remove > Remove.
  5. To leave the group, go to Dashboard > View Details > Leave Group Data > Yes.

Can I avail of the freebie together with other existing promos of Globe?

Yes, while you're subscribed to the freebie, you can still register to other Globe Prepaid promos.

What will happen after I use up the freebie or they expire? Can I still access the internet with my MyFi?

To enjoy uninterrupted internet experience, make sure to register to Globe Prepaid promos like GO+99 with 8GB of all access data, 8GB choice of apps, and unlimited texts to all networks valid for 7 days. It also comes with free GoSAVE and GoHEALTH. Just register via the GlobeOne app.