I. These Terms and Conditions specific to the Free Spotify with GoSURF Plans ("Terms and Conditions") supplement the provisions of the Subscription Agreement ("SA"). Free Spotify is a music streaming service available for use by the Subscribers through the mobile devices without incurring data charges subject to the terms below.

II. In the event of conflict or inconsistency between the provisions of the SA and these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. All other terms and conditions of the SA not otherwise inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions shall remain binding and effective.

III. The following terms and conditions apply:

A. Free Spotify Music Streaming Service Trial ("Free Spotify") shall entail enrollment to any Globe Postpaid GoSURF variants (whether as part of the Best-Ever mySuperPlan Combo or Booster) ("Promo Duration"). Upon enrollment, Subscriber will be entitled to Free Spotify for a consecutive period of up to (3) months ("Trial Period") provided that the Subscriber is continuously enrolled in the monthly GoSURF plan during the Trial Period, unless the Subscriber opted out at anytime during the said Trial Period. Free Spotify has two versions depending on the Globe Postpaid GoSURF subscription availed of, to wit:

i. Spotify Premium – available on GoSURF 299 and up

ii. Spotify Basic – available on GoSURF 99 and below

Provided that the Free Spotify version made available during the initial enrollment will be the same Free Spotify version that the Subscriber will be entitled to during the Trial Period regardless of change in the GoSURF plan.

B. The Trial Period begins on the enrollment date to GoSURF, and NOT ON THE DATE of the Free Spotify account creation and/or activation. To create or activate a Free Spotify account to the mobile device of the Subscriber, he/she can download either through the

i.  mobile browser via the link m.spotify.com/download, or

ii. mobile device's built-in app store (i.e. Google Play, App Store).

Downloading of the Free Spotify account will be charged against the GoSURF subscription. 

C. In consideration of the Free Spotify, additional free fixed mobile internet allocation (i.e. ranging from 200MB to 1GB) depending on the GoSURF plan availed of will be provided. This free fixed mobile internet allocation will only apply to Free Spotify. Other mobile internet use will be charged against the Subscriber's GoSURF plan. 

D. The Free Spotify is not transferable to another mobile account number or subscriber. Free Spotify trial is for personal use only, and shall not be available or used for any other purposes.

E. A Subscriber can opt out of Free Spotify at any time during the Trial Period by sending SPOTIFY STOP to 8080 for free. Subscriber must wait for the successful opt out SMS notification from Globe to confirm that the Free Spotify opt out was successful. Opting out of Free Spotify is irreversible and will terminate the Free Spotify mobile internet allocation as provided in accordance with clause C above. Deactivating the Free Spotify will not however terminate the GoSURF plan. Opting out of the GoSURF plan and/or terminating the Globe Postpaid plan will result to the termination of the access to the Free Spotify.

F. After the Trial Period for subscribers registered to GoSURF299 and above the Free Spotify automatically renews to a 30-day Standalone Subscription unless the Subscriber opts out of the Free Spotify prior to the expiry of the Trial Period. The Standalone Subscription is subject to payment of Php129 per month. Once enrolled to the Standalone Subscription, it will renew automatically on a monthly basis unless the Subscriber opts out of the standalone subscription immediately prior to the end of the current Standalone Subscription.

G. The Free Spotify trial is applicable for local (Philippine) use only. International roaming rates will apply once subscriber leaves the country.

H. Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that Globe Telecom, Inc. disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement concerning the Spotify service, and any warranty regarding the Spotify service and any content available therein or therefrom. Subscriber further agrees that access to and use of the Spotify service shall be subject to Spotify's own Terms of Service, if any.