What is GoWATCH?

GoWATCH is Globe's new promos designed for video streaming on mobile. It gives you additional bulk MBs on top of your GoSURF (GoWATCH 29, GoWATCH 399), or as a standalone (GoWATCH 99) for video sites/apps, so you can watch all the videos you want on mobile without worrying about consuming your GoSURF offer or getting charged regular browsing rates.

Who can register to GoWATCH, and what are the available GoWATCH promos?

Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, and TM customers can avail of GoWATCH.

Data allocation
ValidityPriceGoSURF required to register?
EasyWATCH 19
1GB or up to 3 hours of video streaming
1 daysP19

Yes, must be registered to EasySURF50 or higher

(NOTE: Exclusive to TM)

2GB or up to 5 hours of video streaming
1 daysP29

Yes, must be registered to GoSURF50 or higher

(NOTE: Also available on GOTSCOMBODD70 and GOTSCOMBODD90)

10GB or up to 30 hours of video streaming
30 daysP399Yes, must be registered to GoSURF 299 or higher
2.5GB or up to 6 hours of video streaming
3 daysP99No GoSURF required to register

What video apps and sites are included in my GoWATCH promo?

You can use GoWATCH to stream videos from the following sites/apps:

  1. YouTube
  2. Netflix
  3. NBA
  4. Viu
  5. ONE Super App
  6. iflix 
  7. iWANT
  8. VLIVE

NOTE: Premium subscriptions are not included with your GoWATCH promo.

If I have a GoSURF promo and a GoWATCH promo at the same time, where will my video streaming usage be counted?

Your video streaming for the specified sites/apps will be counted against your GoWATCH MBs. If you watch videos from other sites/apps, like Facebook, it will be counted against your GoSURF MBs. If you watch a YouTube video embedded in Facebook, it will be counted against your GoWATCH MBs.

How do I check my remaining MBs on GoWATCH?

Option 1: Check your remaining MB by texting GOWATCH STATUS to 8080 (ex. GOWATCH 29 STATUS)Option 2: Check your remaining MBs through your phone settings.For Android: Select "Settings", then select "Data Usage".For iOS: Select "Settings" > "Cellular" > check your MB usage under "Cellular Data Usage"

What happens if I use up my MB allocation on GoWATCH?

For Prepaid customers, your succeeding internet connections will be counted against your GoSURF promo. If you are not registered to GoSURF, the regular browsing rate (P5 for 15 minutes or P2/MB) will apply, unless you register again to a mobile data promo.

I am already registered to GoWATCH. Can I register to GoWATCH again?

Yes, you can register to GoWATCH again!

GoWATCH offer
GoSURF required to register?
Maximum number of times you can register to a GoWATCH offer for every GoSURF subscription
EasyWATCH19 (only in TM)
Yes, EasySURF50 or higher

Max 3 times with an active EasySURF registration

Yes, GoSURF50 or higher
Max 3 times with an active GoSURF registration
Yes, GoSURF299 or higher
Max 3 times with an active GoSURF registration
No GoSURF required
You can register as many times as you want

What happens to my MBs if I am registered to multiple GoWATCH offers?

If you are already registered to a GoWATCH offer, the MBs from your new GoWATCH registration will be added to your remaining GoWATCH MBs. Your GoWATCH promo will follow the GoWATCH promo with the later expiry.

Will I experience slower speeds if I exceed my GoWATCH MB allocation for the month?

No, your video streaming will not be slower if you exceed your GoWATCH MB allocation.

What happens once I use up my GoWATCH promo?

Your succeeding video streaming usage will be charged against the remaining MBs of your current surfing promo. If you do not have another surfing promo, your video streaming will be charged the regular browsing rate of P5 for 15 minutes, or P2 per MB. We recommend that you frequently check the status of your GoWATCH, by texting GOWATCH STATUS to 8080 (ex. GOWATCh 29 STATUS). You can also check if you are already using up your GoSURF by texting GS STATUS to 8080.

I am currently not registered to GoSURF 50 or higher. Is there a GoWATCH promo available for me?

Yes! You can register to GoWATCH 99 to enjoy 2.5GB or up to 6 hours of video streaming, valid for 3 days. Just text GOWATCH 99 to 8080.

I am a Globe Postpaid customer on ThePLAN / MyLifestyle Plan. Will my remaining GoWATCH399 MBs get rolled over to my next bill cycle?

No. GoWATCH MBs do not roll over.

I am a Globe Prepaid/TM customer. Can I use GS EXTEND or TM EXTEND5 to extend my GoWATCH MB expiry?

No, GoWATCH is not extendable. If you want to enjoy GoWATCH for a longer period, you may register to another GoWATCH promo. This will add up all your GoWATCH MBs and extend its validity to follow the longest expiry.

Are my GoWATCH MBs shareable?

GoWATCH MBs cannot be shared or donated to another user.

Is GoWATCH available in Share a Promo?

As of now, GoWATCH is not available in Share a Promo, but stay tuned for updates.

Why can't I access some videos on HOOQ/Netflix/Disney/Tribe/ Cartoon Network/ NBA/ iWanTV?

Some videos on these apps will require you to avail of a premium subscription. GoWATCH does not include premium subscriptions. You can buy premium access to an app/site of your choice by via *143# > Surfing.

On how many devices can I watch the videos?

Your GoWATCH MBs can only be consumed by the SIM you used to register to the promo. When you host a hotspot while others watch videos, you may end up consuming your GoSURF MBs or be charged the regular browsing rate. Using Chromecast or other similar devices to project to a larger screen is not recommended as this requires a higher resolution and may consume your MBs faster.


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