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Lifestyle Bundles FAQs

What are Lifestyle Bundles?

Lifestyle Bundles are the latest mobile internet offers from Globe Postpaid, giving you all-day access for browsing a specific set of apps and sites depending on your particular interests, passions, and needs.

What's the difference between Lifestyle Bundles and GoSURF?

GoSURF is recommended for customers who do a bit of everything online: check Facebook, make Google searches, chat, send emails, etc.

Lifestyle Bundles, on the other hand, are designed for those who access just a few apps or sites specific to their needs at work, school, or their interests and hobbies.

These Lifestyle Bundles also come with additional freebies not available to GoSURF customers like free exclusive in-app stickers, special photo app filters, discounts at specialty shops, vouchers, and more!

How do I get a list of available perks and discounts for Lifestyle Bundles?

Simply text LIFESTYLE INFO to 8080 for free, or visit

How do I check the status of my Lifestyle Bundle subscription?

Just text your Lifestyle Bundle subscription + STATUS and send to 8080. (Ex: NAVIGATION 99 STATUS to 8080)

What does "all-day access" of Lifestyle Bundles mean?

You can enjoy access to all the specified apps and sites in each Lifestyle Bundle regularly, since their MB allocation is more than enough for normal use.

What happens when I use up all my Lifestyle Bundle allocation?

You will receive an SMS notification if you've already used up you Lifestyle Bundle allocation. Our Lifestyle Bundles are designed to ensure that it is more than enough for normal regular use so you don't have to worry.

Can I register to the same Lifestyle Bundle offer at the same time?

You can register to different Lifestyle Bundle offers at the same time.

For example, if you're registered to a Navigation Bundle, you can register to a Chat Bundle and a Shopping Bundle at the same time without having to unsubscribe from Navigation first. You cannot register to two Navigation Bundles at the same time.

Do I need to be subscribed to GoSURF to avail of these Lifestyle Bundles?

Nope! You can register to a Lifestyle Bundle even if you are not subscribed to a consumable mobile internet promo like GoSURF.

What if I register to both GoSURF and a Lifestyle Bundle? Will the amount I paid for Lifestyle Bundle be included in the GoSURF anti-bill shock guarantee?

Lifestyle Bundle is not included in your GoSURF anti-bill shock guarantee. GoSURF's anti-bill shock is intended to protect you from excess charges on regular browsing. It excludes promo subscription fees.

I am registered to GoSURF and availed of a Lifestyle Bundle. Will my Lifestyle Bundle expire together with my GoSURF promo?

No, your GoSURF and Lifestyle Bundle subscription have their own expiration dates.

I am already on GoSURF and I want to avail of the Lifestyle Bundles. Will my GoSURF allocation be used up by the Lifestyle Bundle?

When you have both GoSURF and a Lifestyle Bundle, using the Lifestyle Bundle's apps or sites will not count against your GoSURF MB allocation. Your GoSURF MB allocation will be used for all your other browsing activities.

Are Lifestyle Bundles considered valid standalone add-ons for All-Unli Plan?

Yes, they are.

I am on Globe Postpaid's MySuperPlan. Can I avail of a Lifestyle Bundle as a combo or booster?

Absolutely! Lifestyle Bundle is considered a valid combo of MySuperPlan. For combo subscriptions, the peso value is equal to the rate of the Lifestyle Bundle. You can also avail of this as a booster which will be charged on top of your monthly bill.

I am a Globe customer who is not on MySuperPlan. Can I also avail of a Lifestyle Bundle?

Sure! Lifestyle Bundles can be availed as your plan's booster.

To register, just text the Lifestyle Bundle keyword to 8080, or dial *143# and choose Lifestyle Bundles. Boosters are charged on top of your monthly bill.

I am a Globe Postpaid customer registered to PowerSurf, can I register to Lifestyle Bundles?

Yes, PowerSurf customers can avail of Lifestyle Bundles.

I am a Globe Postpaid customer who is currently on a Blackberry plan. Can I avail of the Lifestyle Bundles?

Blackberry 7 customers are excluded from availing of Lifestyle Bundles. If you are on a BlackBerry 10 device, however, you can register to the lifestyle bundles.

I am a Globe Postpaid customer who is currently on SuperSurf. Can I avail of the Lifestyle Bundles?

SuperSurf customers are excluded from Lifestyle Bundles . If you want to avail of this offer, you can opt out of your SuperSurf subscription and register to GoSURF and Lifestyle Bundles instead.

To unsubscribe from SuperSurf, just text SUPERSURF OFF to 8080 (Ex. SUPERSURF 50 OFF).

What happens if I access an app or site that is not included in my Lifestyle Bundle?

You will be charged a regular browsing fee of P2.00 for every MB consumed on apps or sites that are not included in the Lifestyle Bundle you are currently registered to.

What happens when the 30-day period of my Lifestyle Bundle is up?

All 30-day bundles will renew automatically, unless you unsubscribe from the offer prior to its auto-renewal.

Will I be notified when my Lifestyle Bundle will be renewed?

Yes, you will receive a notification 3 hours prior to your Lifestyle Bundle's auto-renewal.