Popular FAQs for Network

I am not happy with my browsing experience. I have enough data allocation and I’m connected to the Internet, what basic troubleshooting can I do?

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I am experiencing intermittent to no signal at all. What do I need to do?

Several factors may contribute to your signal strength and network experience:

  • Mobile Device Processing Power and Simultaneous Mobile Applications
  • Think of this as similar to your computer’s processing power. Make sure that your mobile device is advanced enough to handle multiple applications running all at the same time. Your browsing experience is both depend on mobile-capability and the signal being received.

  • Distance from Cell Tower 
  • Our mobile devices communicate through radio waves. The further your distance to a cell tower, the weaker your signal will be. While Globe continues to improve our network infrastructure, nominate your area for our next cell site acquisition.

  • Infrastructures and Materials in your Area
  • Radio waves travel from your phone to the nearest cell tower. If something big is blocking the way, the radio waves will find it difficult to reach your phone or the cell tower. Concrete, steel, tall buildings, thick walls, (even aquariums) are great at blocking cell signals.

    If you want strong signal, make sure to use your mobile data preferably on an upper floor and avoid obstructions that block your signal.

  • High Traffic Area
  • In high-traffic areas, there are numerous subscribers using Globe's mobile network and as such, network resources/bandwidth is shared among them. This is similar to the Wi-Fi experience. The more users connecting to Wi-Fi in a coffee shop, the more likely you may experience lower access speed.

  • Busy Website
  • Sometimes, the problem is independent of your Globe internet connection or signal strength. Poor experience in website, gaming sites or applications may be a result of too many viewers or users. Some sites/applications are best to access during off-peak hours to maximize your browsing experience.

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Why am I experiencing slow browsing even though I’m on an active data promo? (Fair Use Policy Implementation)

We want to give all Globe customers a fair opportunity to enjoy our network. So we've decided to implement a Fair Use Policy that's designed to reduce the speeds of only the 3% of users. These users are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on the network, which greatly impacts the service we offer to other paying customers.

Those who are most likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy are those who use peer-to-peer applications to download large files, use their mobile phone as a personal hotspot, or stream videos heavily on a daily basis. These activities use up a huge portion of network bandwidth, affecting customers like you.

We assure you that neither lines nor mobile internet service are cut when a customer is affected by the Fair Use Policy. If a customer reaches the 1GB/day or 3GB/month threshold (Postpaid customers) or 800MB/day threshold (Prepaid customers), the internet speed will just slow down to make sure that others can also enjoy our shared resource.

Please note that the policy doesn't only apply with Globe. Other telecommunications companies in the Philippines, as well as around the world, implement this in compliance with global industry practices. If you'll notice, the terms and conditions under your contract also cover a provision on FUP.

How can I activate on my mobile device? (APN for SIM card)

Most phones and devices have their internet connection turned on by default. If your phone’s internet isn’t activated yet, check out the simple steps below.

For Android users:

  1. Go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.
  2. Select http.globe.com.ph if you are a Prepaid subscriber.
  3. Select internet.globe.com.ph if you are a Postpaid subscriber.
  4. Click Save.

For Apple users:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Network.
  2. Select http.globe.com.ph if you are a Prepaid subscriber.
  3. Select internet.globe.com.ph if you are a Postpaid subscriber.
  4. Click Save.

What can I do with 1GB of data?

One gigabyte (GB) is made up of 1024 megabytes (MB).

With a data allowance of 1GB, you can do the following activities:

Web Browsing4 hours
Facebook and Instagram7 hours
YouTube Streaming (480P)2 hours
YouTube Streaming (1080P)15 minutes
Netflix (SD)
1 hour
Netflix (HD)
15 minutes
7 hours
Voice Calling (Messenger, Viber, WeChat)
4.5 hours
Video Calling2 hours
Online Gaming5 – 10 hours (depending on the game)

How can I track and manage my data consumption?

Check your Globe Postpaid and Prepaid mobile accounts in a snap: monitor and top-up your data, view and pay your bill, and subscribe to the best and latest Globe promos. Make life easier with GlobeOne. Download now in Playstore for Android devices and in App Store for iOS devices.

Key Features include:

  • Managing multiple postpaid and prepaid mobile accounts
  • Monitoring your remaining data
  • Subscribing to promos
  • Checking your balances
  • Paying your bills
  • Checking your prepaid load

You may also register to SurfAlert. Click here to learn more about SurfAlert.

What are your plans to improve data connection?

We are happy to share with you our milestones on our network expansion. This will enable us to continue providing you with a wonderful experience!

How can I maximize my LTE experience?

Go full speed and take your mobile activities to a whole new level. Maximize your data experience by using a Globe LTE SIM in an LTE-capable device in our LTE powered areas.

Why do I experience poor Internet connection while on roaming?

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