Globe at 100% 4G FAQs

What do you mean when you say Globe is now 100% 4G?

This means you can now enjoy up to 4G (HSPA+) signal wherever Globe has network presence!

We've expanded our coverage so that from 2G (EDGE), everyone has access to 3G and 4G signal. Imagine a highway that only accommodated two lanes before, and now it has four lanes. That's what we've done with our network.

We currently have the largest 4G network in terms of coverage, since we already activated HSPA+ in all our cell sites nationwide. You will now be able to maximize our enhanced network especially if you're using a 3G- or 4G-capable smartphone or tablet.

This is so wonderful! How will this improve my mobile experience?

Now that we have a 100% 4G network, mobile internet service is more consistent in terms of connection and speed compared with 2 years ago. More Globe customers will now be able to enjoy mobile surfing since its capacity has been expanded.

Aside from that, we're sure you've already noticed how easier it's been to make calls, with faster connection. Voice call quality has been significantly better as well. You can clearly hear the person you're talking to and vice-versa, no matter how large the distance is between the two of you. We're also sure you've seen how text messages are instantaneously being sent and received. These are all because of our modernized network!

Great! But what's the difference between 3G and 4G?

Both 3G and 4G refer to a generation of cellular technology used in mobile phones and networks. The introduction of 3G or "third generation" technology has allowed us to use high-speed mobile data with our 3G-enabled phones and tablets. 4G or "fourth generation", meanwhile, is the most recently developed cellular technology, enabling even faster mobile internet speed for 4G-capable devices.

What areas are covered by 3G and 4G?

To check if your location has 3G or 4G coverage, click here.

With this improvement, will I experience faster browsing using my Tattoo Home Broadband?

Sorry, but our 3G and 4G coverage only applies to our mobile network. But don't worry, we're working simultaneously on enhancements for our wired services.