Mobile Data Service FAQs

How do I activate my phone's internet?

The internet connection of most devices is automatically turned on. If your phone's internet is not yet active, follow the steps below:

    If using an Android phone:

    Step 1: Go to Settings

    Step 2: Choose Mobile Networks

    Step 3: Choose Access point names

    Step 4: Select ""

    Step 5: Tap Save

    If using an iPhone:

    Step 1: Go to Settings

    Step 2: Choose Cellular

    Step 3: Choose Cellular Data Options

    Step 4: Choose Cellular Data Network

    Step 5: Input ""

    If using a dongle or pocket Wi-Fi:

    Step 1: Open your device dashboard

    Step 2: Go to Settings

    Step 3: Choose APN Settings

    Step 4: On the text box, type ""

    Step 5: Click on Save. Make sure proxy settings is turned off

    To Turn off proxy settings

    Step 1: Go to Settings

    Step 2: Show advanced settings

    Step 3: Change proxy settings

    Step 4: In the Connections tab, click on "LAN Settings"

    Step 5: Make sure "Proxy settings" is unchecked

    Step 6: Click OK or Save

    Step 7: Then close your browser and turn your dongle or pocket wifi OFF and ON to reset it

How much will I be charged for mobile surfing?

For prepaid customers, the regular browsing rate is P5.00 per 15 minutes for time-based browsing, or P2 per MB for volume based browsing. To check if you are on time-based or volume-based charging, just text SWITCH STATUS to 8080 for free.

For postpaid customers, the regular browsing rate is set at P2.00 per MB.

For a worry-free mobile internet experience, we encourage you to subscribe to our surf promos, like GoSURF.

How much data do I consume when I use mobile data?

You can refer to the table below to understand the data consumption of different online activities:

Internet ActivityAppTotal MB Size
1 Social Media Page View / Like / Status updateFacebook/Twitter0.5
1 Photo upload on Social MediaInstagram1
1 Web page ViewZalora/Lazada0.5
1 minute of YoutubeYouTube4
1 minute Movie streamHOOQ4
1 hour playing mobile gamesCoC3
1 Send and Receive Emails
Gmail/Yahoo Mail0.2
1 minute of Music streamingSpotify1
1 Chat Session (Chat+VN+Photoshare)Viber/ WeChat0.25

For more tips on how to use these apps, head on over to our surf tutorials here. We have a lot of videos and infographics there that could help you!

What can I do to avoid high browsing charges when in the country?

We recommend that you register to one of our surf promos like GoSURF to avoid high data charges. GoSURF is our new consumable mobile internet plan. It gives you bulk megabytes of mobile data consumable per kilobyte. It also allows you to surf, post, like and more! With GoSURF, you can enjoy more online, without worry! To see the full list of GoSURF offers, go here.

To protect your phone from unwanted data charges, you can turn on SurfAlert! This free service will send you free alerts via text and flash messages whenever you try to connect to the internet and any of the following conditions are met:

  • Your surf promo has expired
  • You've used up your data allocation from your surf promo
  • You are not registered to any mobile internet promo

To activate your SurfAlert, just text SURFALERT ON to 8080 for free. If you're registered to a GoSURF promo, SurfAlert is automatically turned on.

Learn more about SurfAlert here.

What can I do to avoid high browsing charges if I am on roaming?

You can now surf and bring all your favorite apps with you anywhere you go with Roam Surf. For a flat rate of P599, you can enjoy unlimited data roaming in over 80 countries worldwide. Learn more about Roam Surf here.

I'm experiencing slowdown in browsing, what can I do to fix it?

Try these tips:

  • Click Refresh on your phone's commands.
  • Close some websites and other programs running simultaneously on your phone.
  • Access a different website.
  • Access again at a later time.