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How to Troubleshoot your Globe AirBoost - Globe

How to Troubleshoot Your Globe AirBoost

What is Globe AirBoost?

AirBoost is an indoor cellular signal booster designed for small spaces that have weak to no indoor 3G signal coverage that’s approximately 10-15 meter radius.

It will give you an independent source of 3G network signal that your mobile phone can latch on to for your family’s call, text and mobile browsing needs.

You’ll need to have a Globe At Home internet connection with at least 5 Mbps speed that the AirBoost can latch on to.

Where do I set up my Globe AirBoost?

Position Globe AirBoost in an uncluttered area with good airflow, two meters from the ground, at least five (5) meters away from the window or farther.

It should also be one (1) meter away from other wireless devices (example: Wi-Fi, wireless landline phones).

How do I know if my AirBoost is properly working?

You’ll know it’s working properly if the LED light indicator shows a steady, green light.

My Globe Airboost doesn’t seem to work properly; how do I troubleshoot this?

If your AirBoost isn’t working properly, these few tips can help you.

1.) Find out the model of your AirBoost:

  • IP Access

  • ipaccess1

  • NEC
  • ipaccess1

To troubleshoot for the IP Access model


a.)    Unplug AirBoost from the power source for 10-15 seconds and plug back in

b.)    Wait for 10-15 minutes until the service indicator is stable

PowerPoweroffThe nano3G AP isn’t switched on
greenThe nano3G AP is powered up normally
flashing greenSelf-test is running
redThere is a fault with the nano3G AP 
NetworkoffUnable to detect a network. Maybe due to no cable connected, or no network connection at the other end of the cable (router or modem may have failed)
greenNetwork connection is okay
flashing greenIndicates activity on the network (the nano3G AP is sending or receiving data across the LAN)
ServicePowerOffThe nano3G AP isn’t provisioned, no IP address. A temporary condition when the AP is  switched on the first time or after factory reset
GreenThe nano3G AP is provisioned and unlocked, connected to the AP and providing service
Flashing green  (even and slow)The nano3G AP is provisioned but lost connection to the AC. The AC maybe unavailable or or there’s a DNS problem.
Flashing green (fast and even)The nano3G AP has been re-initialized (The reset button was pressed for less than 5 seconds)
Off with short, green blinks every 3 secondsThe nano3G AP is locked.
Off, short green blinks onOngoing factory reset in the nano3G AP (The reset button had been pressed for more than 5 seconds
On, with short green blinks offSoftware download to the nano3G AP is in progress

If your AirBoost is an NEC model

Initial troubleshooting

  • Unplug AirBoost from the power source for 5 minutes and plug back in
  • Check for stable internet and properly connected LAN cables
  • LED light should be a steady green

Perform hard reset

  • Locate the pin hole-like button near the power supply of the Femtocell Access Point (FAP) and press for 5 seconds
  • The booster should automatically after 10-15 minutes
  • LED light should be a steady green

What the LED lights indicate

REDBlinkingThe internet connection was lost and/no physical connection to Internet.
SteadyThe activation process failed.
GREENBlinking fastThe device is in the activation process.
Blinking slowThe device is in service/has an active call.
SteadyDevice is ready for service/idle mode.No light
No light
LED is off
The device is turned off.