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AirBoost Device Replacement

Replacement of Existing Globe AirBoost

Why does the Globe AirBoost device need to be upgraded?

Your Globe AirBoost device may already be outdated. For continued support and to ensure that your device uses the latest technology, it needs to be replaced.

The new device is more stable and improves the 3G signal coverage and quality in your home.

If your AirBoost is in need of replacement, you’ll receive a text from Globe.

How will you go about the replacement?

The text from Globe will contain the proposed schedule of the onsite visit for the replacement.

If you’re free on the scheduled date, please wait for our technicians to visit your address to perform the replacement.

If you’re not available for the original schedule, please text your alternative schedule using the syntax indicated in the text from Globe.

Will Globe technicians go to your house?

Yes, a physical replacement and onsite set-up is required. Rest assured that our technicians will observe the proper health and safety protocols for the visit.