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Globe Postpaid Installment Payment Program After the ECQ - Globe

The Globe Installment Payment Program After the ECQ

Am I qualified for the Installment Payment Program?

The installment payment program is open to all active Globe Postpaid, Globe At Home and Platinum accounts with an amount to be paid that’s equal to or more than their subscribed plan amount.  This also includes business and enterprise customers. 

This program is once again open for enrollment starting on July 23, 2020.

For Consumer Postpaid, Platinum and broadband customers, they may enroll in this program by going to

Business customers may reach out to their Account Managers (AMs) for enrollment details.

For this second run, enrollment is open until August 31, 2020.

What payment terms are available?

You have the option to pay in installment terms ranging from two to six months.

Once I submit my enrollment, when will the installment start?

A text confirming your enrollment will be sent within 5 working days after you submit the enrollment form.  Your applied installment terms will begin within the next 2 bills.

Requests for reversal, modification or pre-termination of the installment arrangement won’t be allowed until the end of the enrolled term.

How will the installment appear on my bill?

For mobile accounts, the payment installment will be labeled as "Adjustment for Payment Arrangement" and "Installment Program" under the Summary of Other Charges section.


For broadband accounts, the payment installment will be presented as “Installment Program”


Can I avail of the Installment Payment Program if my account is enrolled in auto-debit?

Yes, accounts enrolled in auto-debit are eligible to join the program.

What are the terms and conditions of the Installment Payment Program?

  • The Installment Payment Program is open to all active Globe mobile and broadband postpaid customers, including Platinum.  This includes business and enterprise customers.
  • The minimum qualified amount to avail of the Installment Payment Program is equal to or more than the subscription’s plan amount.
  • Globe shall process the installment application within 5 days upon submission of the completed enrollment form.  A text notification will be sent to the number enrolled once successfully processed.
  • Once successfully processed, the enrollment can no longer be reversed or modified until the end of the enrolled term.
  • The installment amount shall be computed based on the number of months requested by the customer and will be charged in equal amounts.
  • The amount enrolled in the Installment Payment Program with terms of up to 6 months will not incur any interest fees.
  • The Installment Payment Program monthly payments shall form part of the total amount due of the customer’s monthly bill.
  • Insufficient or non-payment of total charges for the month on any one scheduled due date will be subject to regular collections activities.
  • Should there be any excess payment after all billed balances, the said excess payment will be considered an overpayment and will not be applied against the succeeding unbilled installment amount. 
  • Accounts enrolled in the Installment Payment Program will be ineligible for certain transactions that will increase the customer’s monthly spending, such as, but not limited to plan renewal and  application for an additional account.
  • In case the enrolled subscription is cancelled or terminated, the total unbilled monthly installment shall become immediately due and demandable and shall take part of the customer’s total amount to be paid.

I submitted multiple enrollment requests with different payment terms, which one will you follow?

Should there be multiple requests for enrollment of the same account, we'll follow the terms in the first submitted form.

How much can I enroll under this program?

Your total Amount to Pay as can be seen in your latest bill. Partial amounts for enrollment won't be accepted.