Recent Changes on Your Bill

Why have you changed the look and feel of your bill?

We redesigned the postpaid bill -- its contents and charges -- with you in mind. We made it simple for you to read and understand so that you know exactly what you're paying for.

What major changes did you make in the new bill?

In the new bill, the amount in the Statement Summary is now VAT-inclusive.

Also, the usage sections on "Monthly Recurring Fee" and "Summary of Excess Usage" inside your bill now have a separate line item for VAT. In the old bill, VAT can be found only in the Statement Summary of the first page.

Other minor changes are:

  • The removal of the payment stub as you can now pay using just your account number
  • Introduction of a message box for personalized greetings
  • The addition of payment channels as bill footer
  • Removal of the flat rate call indicator inside the bill since all the calls now have fixed-service rates.

If you're receiving your bill for the first time, you'll see a "Welcome Message" in the first page and a special section called "Plan Details."

Will I be charged with paper bill fee because you changed the look of your bill?

Don't worry, we're not charging you any fees for these changes. For those already being charged for paper bills, the fee still remains at P50/copy.

What are the different sections inside the bill?

The new bill will have the following sections inside:

A. Statement Summary

B. Monthly Recurring Fee (MRF)

C. Summary of Excess Charges

D. Summary of MRF with Excess Usage

E. Summary of Other Charges

F. Details of Rewards

G. Previous and Current Bill Adjustments

H. Prepaid Loading Services

I. Usage Details

J. Value-added Services

K. Roaming Usage

Where is the VAT amount in the Statement Summary?

The Statement Summary shows the different amounts already inclusive of value-added tax (VAT). If you'd like to see the breakdown details of the amounts with their corresponding tax, you'll have to go to the summary section of the bill. The total VAT of your MRF and excess usage can be seen under the sub-section "Total Charges."

The monthly recurring fees, one-time charges, local, domestic and other usages, are charged with twelve percent VAT as required by law.