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What is Globe MYSUPERONE?

For just P175 per month, you can enjoy unlimited calls and texts to one Globe/TM number of your choice! Subscribing to this service is so easy, as we're giving you options to choose from:

  • Via SMS

Text MYSUPERONE [11-digit Globe/TM #] ON to 8080

  • Via *143#

From your Globe mobile phone, dial *143# then select Call and Text Promo > Call and Text within Philippines > Call and Text Promo > My SuperOne > Subscribe

For Postpaid users, this service will be charged on top of your plan. No lock-in period applies. For unli plan customers, MYSUPERONE is a valid add-on.

Who can avail of the promo? Until when will this be offered?

MYSUPERONE is open to Globe Postpaid customers only. It is available until further notice.

After I register, how will I know if my Globe MYSUPERONE is already active?

You will receive a confirmation message from Globe, which will let you know that you can start using MYSUPERONE.

How much will I be charged if I made calls and/or texts to other Globe/TM numbers which is not my assigned favorite number? To other networks?

Only calls/texts to pre-registered numbers will be free. Calls and/or texts to other numbers (Globe, TM, other network) will depend on your plan.

Can I avail of this promo while on Roaming?

Nope. This promo is not available while on International Roaming. Keep in mind that all calls made while roaming or outside the country will be charged the applicable roaming rates.

What will happen if I have an active MYSUPERONE subscription then activate my roaming?

Roaming activation will be successful even if you are subscribed to MYSUPERONE. Just remember that the service will not be deactivated automatically after roaming has been activated, and you cannot use the promo while roaming.

Roaming rates will supersede MYSUPERONE zero rate when you are outside the Philippines. The promo will be deactivated by Application Server as scheduled.


When on roaming, MYSUPERONE will tentatively be deactivated but the duration of your subscription will continue to run. The add-on service will be reactivated once you return in the Philippines and are using local telecom services.

Can I register to more than one (1) favorite number?

Yes, you can! You may register to as many MYSUPERONE numbers as you want. The registration fee will be charged on top of each other.

When will MYSUPERONE subscription expire?

Actually, this service will auto-renew every 30 days unless you unsubscribe from the promo.

How can I check if MYSUPERONE subscription is still active?

Easy! Just text MYSUPERONE<11-digit Globe/TM number>STATUS to 8080 for free. After a minute or two, you will receive a message confirming the status of your subscription and when it will expire.

I want to learn more about this promo. What should I do?

Simply text MYSUPERONE INFO to 8080. This is free of charge!

What should I do if I want to unsubscribe from the promo?

For that, you may text MYSUPERONE [11-digit Globe/TM #] OFF/STOP and send it to 8080. You may also unsubscribe via the *143# menu. Just dial *143# on your mobile phone then select Call and Text Promo > Call and Text within Philippines > Call and Text Promo > My SuperOne > Unsubscribe.

What will happen to MYSUPERONE subscription if I change my SIM or change my number?

No need to worry! Any change in your account will not deactivate your MYSUPERONE subscription. Change of plan, SIM or change of mobile number will not affect your subscription to promos, so your subscription to MYSUPERONE will continue.

What is the difference between MY SUPER UNLI and MYSUPERONE?

MYSUPERONE offers unlimited calls and texts to pre-registered numbers, while Globe's MY SUPER UNLI lets you make unlimited calls and texts to ALL Globe/TM numbers.

Can I avail of other promos while I'm subscribed to MYSUPERONE?

Yep! You can subscribe to other call promos like Tawag236, Super Sakto Calls, and Duo even if you're registered to Globe MYSUPERONE. Just remember that these calls will be charged on top of your MYSUPERONE subscription depending on the promo rate. You just have to use the correct calling syntax for the promo you want to use.

However, while registered to this service, you cannot avail of MY SUPER UNLI for 5 days (MY SUPER 150).

Can I register to MYSUPERONE while my previous registration to other promos is still active?

You may subscribe to MYSUPERONE while you are registered to DUO. However, if you have an active registration to MY SUPER UNLI for 5 days, you may not register to MYSUPERONE. You have to wait for your current subscription to expire before you can register again.

Are local video calls part of MYSUPERONE?

No. Unfortunately, local video calls are not part of the unlimited calls when subscribed to MYSUPERONE. Video calls will be charged the normal rate for Video Calls while customers are on this service.

Can the customer/number I assigned to MYSUPERONE call forward to another Globe or TM number?

Nope, call forwarding is not allowed. If you try to call a registered MYSUPERONE number that has call forwarding activated, the call will not be completed.

I still have FREE SMS in my account. What will happen to my FREE SMS once I subscribe to MYSUPERONE?

Don't worry, you can still use your free SMS to text other Globe/TM number and customers of other networks.

Can I just register to one (1) MYSUPERONE as my all-you-can service (for customers subscribed to the ALL-UNLI PLAN)?

No. You need to register two (2) MYSUPERONE as your all-you-can service which is equivalent to P350.

I'm under G-Flex/G-Plan, what will happen to my free SMS and minutes allocation when I subscribe?

Free SMS and minutes will be consumed for SMS and calls to other Globe/TM numbers (not your Frequently Called Number) and also to other networks.

I have one/several extension lines attached to my Postpaid plan. Can I have one/several of them registered to MYSUPERONE?

For sure! MYSUPERONE is available for regular extension plans.

I am currently under the Load Tipid Plan/Load Allowance Plan; am I eligible to avail MYSUPERONE?

No, you cannot avail MYSUPERONE if you are under these plans.

How will I be billed for MYSUPERONE usage?

Your MYSUPERONE registration fee will be included in your bill on top of your actual usage (under one-time charges). Say, for example – your plan's monthly service fee is P500, another P175 is added on top of this; your total bill should be P675.

When I get my bill, will I get to see the details of the calls I make?

No. Once registered to MYSUPERONE, your subscription will appear as an additional service only and line item in your bill. The details of the calls covered by the subscription will not be shown.

Can I terminate my current Globe Postpaid line and subscribe only to MYSUPERONE?

No, you can't. In order to subscribe to this service, you must have a current subscription to any Globe Postpaid Plan (either G-Plan, G-Flex, Platinum, or iPhone plan).

Can I downgrade my current Globe Postpaid line while subscribed to MYSUPERONE?

Yes, but keep in mind that you will be subject to existing downgrade policies for Postpaid.