About Gadget Care FAQs

What is Globe Gadget Care?

Globe Gadget Care is a service that offers hassle-free device replacement in case of accidental damage or theft claim, at affordable premium rates.

Why should I get a protection service for my phone?

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. We protect them from possible risk of accidental damage and theft. With this in mind, Globe Gadget Care comes in by providing a hassle-free device replacement program in case of accidental damage or theft - at affordable premium rates!

If my phone is still under warranty; why do I need to register to this program?

This program provides additional protection services not covered by the standard warranty that came with your phone.

Most device warranties only cover mechanical failure caused by "manufacturer's defect". With Globe Gadget Care, you can be assured that your mobile device will be protected from risks resulting from unexpected occurrences, such as accidental damage and loss due to theft.

I have two mobile phones. Can I enroll both under the program?

Yes. Each of these phones should be under a separate Postpaid plan. If these are existing phones, Voluntary coverage monthly premium fees will depend on the type of devices.

If I want to replace my phone that's registered to Gadget Care, can I transfer the coverage to another phone?

Gadget Care is non-transferable. If it's a new phone that you acquired via recontracting, your previous Gadget Care subscription for your old handset will be discontinued, and your new handset will be covered by a new Gadget Care plan. Your handset will still be entitled to the comprehensive coverage.

If it's a new phone acquired through other means (not acquired from Globe), the phone will have to be enrolled under Voluntary Coverage.

If you wish to keep both phones insured, you may enroll both devices under Gadget Care provided they are both under separate Postpaid lines.

My Globe phone is not brand new; can I enroll it to Globe Gadget Care?

Yes! Just be sure that your phone is included in the list of participating mobile devices allowed to be registered under this program.

And also, your used mobile device can only be registered under the Voluntary Program with Accidental Damage protection benefit. You also need to present your phone to Globe upon enrollment for device verification.

Can I register my existing phone under the Theft coverage and/or Bonus Bill Protect Rider only?

No. For existing phones, we recommended the Voluntary Coverage program for Accidental Damage.

I am currently enrolled under the Accidental Damage and Theft coverage program, can I downgrade to Theft or Accidental damage only?

Downgrading of coverage is not allowed. If you want to change your coverage, your current program will be cancelled and your device can only be enrolled under the stand-alone Accidental Damage coverage without Theft and Bonus Bill Protect.

We highly suggest that you stay with the Comprehensive Protection as you will be getting the full coverage benefit at a reasonable price.

My existing device is covered by the (stand-alone) Accidental Damage plan. Can I upgrade to the Theft, Accidental Damage with Bill Protect Rider coverage?

The Theft and Accidental Damage coverage with Bonus Bill Protect package is only offered to customers who get a new device under (Consumer) Globe Postpaid, whether new or recontracting.

I have been a Globe Postpaid subscriber for more than 2 years and I already own the device I'm using. Can I still enroll my device in Gadget Care?

Absolutely! You can enroll your device under the (stand-alone) Accidental Damage plan. Once your device is verified at a Globe store, you need to fill out the Gadget Care Application Form that will be provided to you by our store specialist.