Benefits of Gadget Care FAQs

What if I lose or damage my mobile phone outside the country?

Your device will still be covered by the Gadget Care Program even when you are outside the Philippines. If your mobile phone gets stolen or accidentally damaged abroad, you are still qualified for claim and replacement.

Make sure that you report the incident to the proper authorities in the area within seven (7) days from the date it happened. Also, report the incident to Globe Gadget Care within the same seven (7) days so you can be informed by our Customer service of the next steps needed to be done.

You can call our toll-free hotline number 1-800-8-7565400.

My phone was stolen; can it be re-enrolled in the Gadget Care program by the person who has taken it?

No. Once a device is reported as stolen, the phone's IMEI will be reported to the National Telecommunications Commission and Globe for permanent phone blocking.

As a customer, is there real value in subscribing to the Globe Gadget Care program?

Globe has exclusively provided you this protection service under reasonable monthly rates and PF. The monthly premium & settlement charges are actually lower than what you need to pay to replace your phone if it got stolen or damaged.

For example: An iPhone 6S Plus 128GB has a Globe Gadget Care monthly premium fee of P399.

If this device got stolen after 4 months of coverage, this will be the overall expense that you will incur:

iPhone 6S Plus 128GB
Monthly Premium Fee (P399 x 4 months) P 1,596
Participation Fee (upon fulfillment of claim) P 4,000
Total    P 5,596
Vs.  a brand new iPhone 6S Plus 128GB  P 56,100
Total Savings P 50,504