GoSURF Share and GoSURF Rollover

What are the new variants of GoSURF?

There are 2 new variants of GoSURF: GoSURF Share and GoSURF with Rollover.

GoSURF Share contains data allowance that can be shared with mobile numbers under the same account for a minimal fee of P100 per number per month. Whatever remains unused at the end of the month gets rolled over to the succeeding month or bill cycle.

On the other hand, GoSURF with Rollover contains data allowance that can roll over for another month if unused but cannot be shared.

What is data sharing?

Data sharing is the capability of our new improved GoSURF called GoSURF Share. It allows customers to share their data allowance with their loved ones and only with postpaid lines under the same account. Shared data allowance is consumed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is data roll over?

Data roll over is the capability to extend the validity of your unused GoSURF data allowance for another month.

Is there a fee if I roll over my unused data?

Roll over of unused data is free of charge, as long as you're enrolled in a GoSURF Share or GoSURF with Rollover service.

Is there a fee when I share my data?

Yes, there's a P100 share fee per month for every daughter/child account enrolled for sharing. The mother account from which the shared data will come will not be charged the share fee.

There's no limit to the number of daughter accounts that you can share your data with, provided they're all under the same account number. Sharing of data with a postpaid account that's not part of these group will not be allowed.

Who are qualified for sharing and rollover?

Customers who are enrolled in any GoSURF plan under the myLifestyle Plan or Platinum Lifestyle Plans are eligible for data sharing and roll over. If you're not under any of these plans, you need to migrate to a myLifestyle or Platinum Lifestyle Plan of the same monthly recurring fee (MRF) or higher, so you can enjoy sharing and roll over of data.

Can I avail of both sharing and rollover?

Yes, a customer may both share and rollover his data. To do this, you should choose GoSURF Share as it also has the roll over capability.

What happens if the shared data gets used up already?

Once all of the shared data has been used up and there are no other available data wallets, you'll be charged the standard browsing rate of P2/MB.

What if I only want rollover?

You may avail of GoSURF with Rollover only.

Do GoSURF Share and GoSURF with Rollover also come with free content (i.e. Spotify, HOOQ, Disney)?

For now, GoSURF Share and GoSURF with Rollover don't come with any free, digital content. You can, however, enroll in a paid solo version of these digital content so you can still enjoy premium membership to Spotify, HOOQ, Disney, NBA, or Netflix.

Can I share my data with anyone I like?

Data sharing may only be done among postpaid lines under the same account number. If you wish to share data with a customer outside of this account number, you'll need to incorporate them into the account group via transfer of ownership at a Globe store. The postpaid account with whom data will be shared will have a share fee of P100 per month.

Moreover, data sharing may only be done with SIMs/customers enrolled in the following plans only:

  • myLifestyle Plan (for family members/actual users)
  • Share Plan 100 (data-only plan for additional devices)

Is there any difference between the GoSURF Share or GoSURF with Rollover variants compared to the GoSURF promos that come with free digital content?

There's no difference in the data allowance between GoSURF with free digital content and the GoSURF Share/Rollover variants.

For example, a GoSURF 499 with free 3 months Spotify will give you 3GB data allowance, just as a GoSURF Share 499 or GoSURF 499 with Rollover will also give you the same data allowance.

The only difference is that the regular GoSURF will give you free digital content but the data can't be shared nor rolled over, while the GoSURF Share and GoSURF with Rollover has no free digital content but has the sharing and roll over capability.

I'm already sharing my data. Can I still enroll in a non-shareable GoSurf promo that I alone can enjoy?

Yes, you can enroll in both a GoSURF Share plan, and GoSURF with Rollover that you alone can enjoy. The good news is that both your GoSURF Share and GoSURF with Rollover can carry over your unused data to the next month.

If I have shared data, rolled over data, and my own personal data allowance all in one cycle, what gets consumed first?

Your data will be consumed according to this hierarchy:

  1. Rolled over data allowance from the previous month gets used up first
  2. Your personal allowance for the current cycle
  3. Rolled over data allowance shared with you from the previous month, if any
  4. Last to be consumed is data allowance shared with you for the current cycle

Once all available data are consumed, customers will be charged the standard browsing rate of P2/MB.

What if my rolled over data remains unused by the 3rd or succeeding month? What happens to it?

Any unused data can only roll over for a maximum of 1 month (up to the 2nd month). If this remains unused by the 3rd month, the rolled over data becomes forfeited.

What happens when I change my main plan/GoSURF plan?

If you change your postpaid plan either by upgrading or downgrading, or change the GoSURF promo you're subscribed to, these will reset or forfeit your rolled over data.

If I enroll in GoSURF with Rollover, will my data allowance automatically roll over every month, or do I need to do something for my unused data to roll over every time?

When you switch to GoSURF with Rollover, your unused data allowance will automatically roll over to the next month for free, every month. You don't have to text or do anything to have it carried over to your next bill cycle.

How do I check the balance of my remaining data for my GoSURF Share or GoSURF with Rollover? Will this reflect on GServices?

Checking of data usage and balances via GServices is not yet available as of now, butwe are working to make this available quite soon. For the meantime, you may use *143#, go to Surfing, then Mobile Internet Usage, and select GoSurf Shareable and Rollover.