iflix for Globe Postpaid

What is iflix?

iflix is the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets, offering users unlimited access to thousands of TV shows & movies - plus local faves, iflix Originals, live sports, snackables and more. iflix is putting the entertainment that people want at their fingertips, with high quality streaming on any device.

What is the difference between iflixFREE and iflixVIP?

  • iflixFREE is the free version of the iflix streaming service. It has over 6,000 hours worth of free movies and shows, as well as iflix’s sponsored movie of the day.
  • On the other hand, iflixVIP is the paid version at P129/month that can be unlocked for the whole library of shows and movies (over 12,000 hours worth of content) —plus live special events and minus the ads.

What type of content can I watch on iflixVIP?

Customers can enjoy Filipino content such as I Love You Hater & Encantadia, Korean content such as When the Weather is Fine & The World of the Married, international content such as Mr. Robot  & The Good Place, iflix Originals like Slang Along and Hot Ones plus LIVE sports.

How many devices can I use for iflixVIP?

A single iflixVIP account can register up to 5 devices. However, iflix only allows streaming in up to two (2) devices at the same time. If you want to register a 6th device, they will need to remove 1 device that is registered to make way for the new one.

Can I cast iflix to my TV?

Yes, iflix is compatible with Chromecast and via iflix app in newer Samsung TVs, LG, Panasonic, and Android TV/Boxes. 

Can I register to iflixVIP using any valid email address?

Yes, as long as the said email address hasn’t been used for an iflixVIP account before.

If I create a new iflix account, can I have my previous account deleted?

Globe is not permitted to delete iflix accounts. For more details on how to manage your iflix account, please email [email protected]

Who are eligible for the iflixVIP offer?

New and recontracting customers of the following plans until June 30, 2020

  • 3-month iflixVIP access for customers under ThePLAN 999 and up
  • 6-month iflixVIP access for customers under ThePLAN Plus 999 and up 

How do I claim my 3-month/6-month access to iflixVIP?

For customers under ThePLAN, just text IFLIX ON to 8080 and follow the steps to activate your subscription.

I have an active paid subscription to iflixVIP. Will I be able to redeem the offer?

No, you will not be able to claim your iflixVIP access using an email address that is tied to an active paid iflixVIP subscription. You may end your existing paid subscription, then redeem the freebie offer on the same account, or you can create a new account using a different email address to redeem the offer.

I have claimed my iflixVIP access from my Globe At Home plan. Will I be able to claim my 3-month/6-month access with my Globe Postpaid plan?

To maximize Globe’s offers, redeem your iflixVIP access using a different email address and create a new account.

What if I’m not eligible for the iflixVIP access subscription that comes with Globe Postpaid plan? Can I still enjoy iflixVIP?

Yes! To subscribe to iflixVIP, just text IFLIX129 to 8080 and follow the instructions. 

What happens at the end of my 3-month/6-month access to iflixVIP?

At the end of the 3-month/6-month iflixVIP access, you will receive a text informing you of your subscription status. You may choose to avail of a paid subscription by following the instructions provided.