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Globe Postpaid: Free Lazada Voucher When Paying via the New GlobeOne App - Globe Help & Support

Free Lazada voucher when you pay using GCash via the New GlobeOne app

What is the promo about?

This promo allows selected Globe Postpaid customers to get a ₱100 Lazada voucher when they pay their remaining balance with GCash via the New GlobeOne app.

When is the promo period?

The promo will run from June 30 - July 31, 2022. Eligible customers who pay their bills via the New GlobeOne app will receive their voucher code within 10 working days.

Who is eligible to join the promo?

This promo is only available to select Globe Postpaid customers. Eligible customers will be notified of this offer via text.

How do I avail of this promo?

To avail of this promo, you must pay your Globe Postpaid bill in full in the new GlobeOne App using GCash as payment mode. However, remember that P800 minimum payment is required.

Can I pay in other payment channels (i.e. banks, stores, bayad centers, online banks, credit cards) and still avail this reward?

No. You may only pay through GCash via the New Globe One app.

Can my Lazada Voucher be sent to my other mobile number?

No. Your Lazada voucher will only be sent to the number who paid for the  account in the  New GlobeOne app with GCash as payment mode.

How will I know if I will get my voucher?

If you are eligible based on the set criteria, you will receive a text message from Globe with your Lazada voucher in 10 business days.

I did not receive my voucher, what will I do?

You may report this through the New GlobeOne, or by contacting us through Facebook Messenger

How many times can I use the Lazada Voucher?

The Lazada voucher code can only be used once. If the voucher code was shared to another person, the only one who can redeem it will be the first person to use the voucher code.

How long is the Lazada voucher valid?

Voucher is valid until December 31, 2022.

What if I paid below the minimum requirement of P800 will I still receive a voucher?

If you pay in the new GlobeOne App using GCash as payment mode and paid in full you are eligible to receive a voucher. However P800 minimum payment is required.