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What's the myLIFESTYLE Plan?

myLIFESTYLE Plan was the postpaid plan that offered all-month Calls and Texts to Globe/TM for only Php499 as its basic service. Other services could be added on top of it - known as Promo Packs (formerly Boosters) - which could be customized according to your lifestyle and needs.

This plan is no longer offered as of March 31, 2017 but this article is being retained for reference of those who still have it.

What were the different promo packs that were available under myLIFESTYLE Plan?

Below is the complete list of promo packs that could be added to the base plan. These promo packs auto-renew every 30 days, unless you opt out.

Surf Packs:

30 Days100 MB100 MB
GoSURF 299
30 Days
700 MB1.5GB (increased MB allocation as of March 13, 2015)
GoSURF 499
30 Days
1.5 GB3GB (increased MB allocation as of March 13, 2015)
GoSURF 999
30 Days
GoSURF 1799
30 Days
10 GB10GB
GoSURF 2499
30 Days
15 GB15GB

Lifestyle Promo Packs:

Lifestyle PacksPrice
Consumable MBs/GBs
Spotify Pack
Premium membership to Spotify, with 1GB data
Work Pack
2991GBAccess to Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Evernote, + 10GB Globe Cloud Storage, NQ Mobile**
Explore Pack
Access to Agoda, Trip Advisor apps, Cebu Pacific and PAL websites, looloo**, Zomato,** Rakuten Travel**
Navigation Pack99300MBAccess to Waze, GrabTaxi, Google Maps, MMDA, AccuWeather, PAGASA Mobile,** IMReady**
Shopping Pack
Access to Zalora, Amazon, Ebay,, Ayosdito
Facebook Pack
Access to Facebook
Twitter Pack199600MBAccess to Twitter
Viber Pack99300MBAccess to Viber
FB Messenger Pack99300MBAccess to FB Messenger
Chat Pack2991GBAccess to Viber, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, KakaoTalk, Line, WeChat
Photo Pack2991GBAccess to Instagram, PhotoGrid, PhotoRepost, InstaSize, VSCO Cam**
NBA Pack299
Seven (7) promo codes valid for 24 hours. All codes are valid throughout the promo duration. Access to MyFitnessPal, 7 Minute Workout, RunKeeper, Strava Running and Cycling GPS, Fitocracy, Pact Access to WhatsApp
Fitness Pack**99300MB
WhatsApp Pack**99300MB
Line Pack**99300MBAccess to Line
WeChat Pack**99300MBAccess to WeChat
KakaoTalk Pack**99300MBAccess to KakaoTalk
SnapChat Pack**9999300MBAccess to SnapChat
Spotify Pack**129
Spotify Premium (no data included)

**Offered effective March 26, 2015

Classic Packs:

Basic Price
100Stackable amounts of P100 denomination consumables
Duo Pack 299
Unlimited calls to landline/duo
Unli Txt AllNet Pack
299Unlimited texts to other networks
Unlitxt International USA Pack
Unlimited international SMS to the US
Unli IDD Pack
999Unlimited IDD calls to 47 countries (listed below)
Duo International Pack
499Unlimited calls to US landlines

Was there any contract to these promo packs?

None. What was locked in was your MSF commitment. An MSF commitment was the amount of the Monthly Service Fee (MSF) that you will be committing to for the entire duration of your contract. You can then choose to customize your chosen MSF commitment by adding promo packs on top of your base plan (Calls and Texts to Globe/TM).

You can remove a promo pack any time, but if you don't replace it with another promo pack, the equivalent amount will simply turn into a consumable amount.

Could the promo packs be changed anytime? Even in the middle of my bill period?

Yep, you can change your promo packs anytime, but the effectivity will be on your next cut-off date. That's it's highly suggested to change your promo packs nearest your bill cut off to ensure that you maximize usage of your promo pack.

Changing near the cut-off date is also recommended to avoid being charged for two overlapping promo packs. (Opting out of a promo pack mid-cycle and opting in to another one at the same time means you pay for both promo packs in full since they overlap mid-cycle.)

As soon as you enrolled in a new promo pack, you can start using it immediately. However, there may be delays in reflecting the change when checking your plan's unbilled charges. But don't worry since this should normalize once you receive your bill.

When re-contracting, am I required to avail myLIFESTYLE Plan as my new plan?

If you're looking to renew your contract with Globe, you'll need to change to the latest postpaid offer, ThePLAN.

Given that Globe has a new plan offer, can I still apply for your previous plans, like the mySUPERPLAN?

This plan is no longer offered as of March 2017. If you'd like to apply for a new postpaid subscription, you may apply for ThePLAN.

What were the available contract periods under myLIFESTYLE Plan?

When you availed of a device with myLIFESTYLE Plan, you were under contract for 24 months.

I'm currently under a group plan, can I switch to myLIFESTYLE Plan?

There were no offers of a group plan under myLIFESTYLE Plan.

I am currently on a Best Ever My Super Plan/Legacy Plan. Can I avail of the promo packs under myLIFESTYLE Plan? I noticed they're cheaper.

Sorry, this isn't allowed. To avail of promo packs, you'll have to shift to the latest postpaid offer, ThePLAN.

I'm currently subscribed to Duo. If I switch to myLIFESTYLE Plan, will I still be able to retain my Duo number?

If you're looking to change your plan, you'll have to shift to the latest postpaid offer, ThePLAN.

I'm under the myLIFESTYLE Plan and will be going on a trip out of the country. Does the flat rate for data roaming also apply to myLIFESTYLE Plan?

Sure, it does! The flat rate for data roaming, or Roam Surf 599, applies to postpaid customers. Just take note that all roaming charges, including the P599 flat rate, will be charged on top of your monthly recurring fee (MRF), and not to your consumables.

I currently have bill rebates. Can I change my plan to myLIFESTYLE Plan while keeping my rebates?

Your rebates would have to be recomputed when you change to a myLIFESTYLE Plan as old plans were built differently.

If you intend to change your plan, you may change it to the latest postpaid offer - ThePLAN. Bill rebates are not offered with ThePLAN.

Under myLIFESTYLE Plan, what were the consumables for?

Your consumables were good for local and international calls and texts, data, as well as availing of additional promo packs.

If your remaining consumables were insufficient for the promo pack you wish to avail, the difference in amount would simply be charged on top of your committed monthly fee.

Also, roaming charges and value-added services (VAS), including Share-A-Load, were not covered by your consumables.

What were the 47 countries that I could call using the Unli IDD Classic Pack?

Landline and Mobile calls to these countries
Landline calls to these countries (1)
New Zealand
Hong Kong
Peru (4)
Puerto Rico
Israel (2)Portugal
United StatesCroatiaJapan (5)Slovakia

Czech RepublicLuxembourgSlovenia

DenmarkMalaysiaSouth Korea


SwitzerlandTaiwanTurkey (3)

SwedenUnited KingdomVenezuela
Landline destinations by City
St. Petersburg