myShare Plan

What is Globe's myShare Plan?

Globe's myShare Plan was a group plan that allowed sharing of data allowance (6GB) and unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM among three customers.

This plan is no longer offered as of November 23, 2016 but this article is being retained for reference of those still under it.

What free content came with this plan? Can I also access free Facebook and Viber on this plan?

Sorry, but this plan does not include any free content. If you wish to avail of free Spotify Premium, HOOQ, Games, or Disney Video Bundle (eventually), you may subscribe to a qualified GoSurf booster.

This plan also didn't include free access to Facebook and Viber.

Will all 3 lines under the myShare Plan be under a 24-month contract?

No, only the primary line had a 24-month contract with an monthly recurring fee (MRF) of P999/month.

Am I required to get 3 lines under the myShare Plan? What if I just want to get one line so I can enjoy the 6GB to myself?

No, you're not required to get 3 lines under myShare Plan. Since only the primary line is under contract, you may opt to get only one SIM under the myShare Plan. However, you will still need to pay the MRF of P999 per month.

Can I add more lines under myShare Plan 999 outside of the 3 lines?


How is the 6GB shared among the 3 lines?

The 6GB shared data is shared on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can any of the 3 lines under the myShare Plan enroll in other boosters?

Yes, customers under the myShare Plan can still enroll in any GoSurf Booster, Lifestyle Bundle booster, or call and text boosters other than the unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM. These will be charged on top of the P999 MRF.

I'm on myShare Plan, but I am also enrolled in GoSurf and a Lifestyle Bundle. Which data wallet will be used up first?

Your data will be used up according to this hierarchy:

  1. Lifestyle Bundle for applicable apps and sites
  2. Your own GoSurf wallet
  3. Shared 6GB data allowance

How much will we be charged if we exceed the 6GB shared data allowance?

You will be charged the standard rate of P2/MB in excess of any available data allowances.

How much will we be charged for calls & texts to other networks?

Standard rates apply for calling and texting. You will be charged P7.50 per minute for calls to landline or other networks, and P1/text for sending to other networks.

I was told that I will not receive a billing statement via courier, that I can only receive my bill via email. However, I do not have an email address. What will I do?

If you do not have an email address, you will receive a text message every month informing you of your total bill due and the date when your bill will be due.

Once you set-up an email address, you will be able to view your billing statement when you register to myAccount. Just log in to and you'ill be able to view all your past and current billing statements through this channel.

I'm on a myShare Plan and I want to use the roaming, value-added services, IDD or Share-a-Load features. What will I do?

The primary account holder can request for activation of these services, for his plan and those of his supplementary accounts. Note that requesting the activation of these services will be subject to credit limit approval.

Is the myShare Plan subject to Globe's Fair Use Policy?

No, only Super Surf plans are subject to Fair Use Policy.