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ONEPlan FAQ - Globe Help & Support


What is ONEPlan by Globe Postpaid?

Introducing the all-new ONEPlan, designed to provide you with all your connectivity needs, all within your budget – so you can stay connected at home, and on-the-go.

  • Enjoy 5G and LTE data allocation and free GoWiFi access that allow you to always stay connected in the new normal.
  • Enjoy unli all-net mobile calls, landline calls and texts for worry-free, non-stop communication with loved ones.
  • Get a fast UNLI Fiber connection for nonstop browsing, streaming and gaming at home
  • Get a FREE smartphone with your plan
  • Enjoy 12 months Disney+ Premium (Applicable to ONEPlan 3499 and higher only)
  • Get ONEGlobe servicing, a single touch point for all mobile and broadband concerns.

This offer is open to new Globe Mobile Postpaid customers, as well as for existing mobile postpaid customers via change of plan or renewal. Globe At Home Broadband applications must be for a new or additional line.

For ONEPlans 4499 and higher, your landline comes with:

  • Unlimited calls to Globe/TM (24 months)
  • Unlimited calls to local area landline numbers
  • Free Globe NDD calls

To apply, all you need to do is fill out the ONEPlan Application Form/App sheet and submit the following requirements:

  • Proof of Identity (POID)
  • Proof of Financial Capacity (the amount of which should be commensurate to the plan being applied for)
  • One month advance for your monthly recurring fee

The ONEPlan will have 24 months’ contract and the mobile and broadband lines will be co-terminous with each other.

Modem and installation fees upon application are WAIVED for ONEPlan. A modem fee will be charged only if you terminate your ONEPlan before the end of your contract period.

What FREEBIES are included in the All-New ONEPlan?

Your ONEPlan includes:

  • Free smartphone
  • Free 3GB GoWiFi per month across all plans
  • Free 12 months access to Disney + Premium (Plan 3499 and higher), redeemable through your broadband account on GlobeOne

  • Platinum Plans:
    • Mobile priority signal
    • Free landline that also comes with:
      • Unlimited calls to Globe/TM (24 months)
      • Unlimited calls to local area landline numbers
      • Free Globe NDD calls
    • VIP Servicing
      • One FREE HomeSquad visit worth P1,200
      • Relationship Manager
        • Thea, Platinum Digital Assistant (Plan 4499)
        • Platinum Relationship Manager (Plan 7499 and 10999)
    • Connected home devices
      • WiFi 6 modem
      • Free 2 pieces Ax3 WiFi mesh (Plans 4499 and 7499)
      • Fiber-to-the-Room (Plan 10,999)

Can I still avail of add-ons on top of my plan?

Yes, you may get add-ons on top of your ONEPlan depending on your spending limit. For all mobile postpaid add-ons, these will appear on your mobile bill, while all broadband add-ons will be charged on top of your broadband bill.

Any additional/on-top charges on your broadband bill should be settled to avoid inconvenience.

Are there any upfront fees I need to pay for ONEPlan?

As part of the application process, you will be asked to pay 1 month advance for your monthly plan. Collection will happen after successful broadband installation.

  • You can pay it through the following methods:
    • GCash via online link
    • Credit card via online link
    • Cash on delivery (COD) of mobile phone/SIM
  • This will be reflected in your first bill as an advance payment
    • Ex. The ONEPlan 1999 customer will be asked to pay P1,999 upfront upon delivery of handset. The P1,999 will be reflected in the first bill as an advance payment on the mobile page.

Is my bill paperless?

Yes, both your mobile and broadband bill will be sent to your registered email address. 

You’ll get two bills, one postpaid mobile bill and one broadband bill. However, your broadband bill will be zero-rated unless you will get add-ons such as content subscriptions. Despite receiving two bills, you only need to pay the mobile bill.

How do I manage my account?

You may manage your postpaid and broadband line via GlobeOne. Kindly register both postpaid and broadband accounts to have a view of both lines. 

I’m an existing mobile postpaid customer, can I change my plan to this new plan?

If out of contract:

Yes, you can change your plan anytime if your contract has ended.

If within contract:

Yes, you can but you will be charged with a pre-termination fee that you have to settle first before availing of ONEPlan.

I’m an existing Globe At Home customer, can I change my plan to this new plan?

You may apply for ONEPlan as an additional line. We will update soon when ONEPlan is available for existing Globe At Home customers for change of plan or renewal.

Can I upgrade the broadband plan under ONEPlan? What about its mobile inclusion?

You may only upgrade within the available ONEPlan offers.

How do I know the cash-out that I need to pay if I avail of a new line/renew under ONEPlan?

There will be no cashout for any of the new ONEPlans. The plan amount already encompasses all services for handset, broadband service and mobile service 

If I avail of ONEPlan, what happens after my contract ends?

After your contract of 24 months, you’ll continue to be charged the same monthly recurring fee and enjoy the same broadband and mobile inclusions, but you won’t receive a new device unless you request for plan renewal.

What happens if I don’t finish my contract?

If you don’t finish your contract, you’ll have to pay the corresponding pre-termination fee computed as follows:



  1. Penalty fee is the penalty imposed for not completing the holding period specified in the service contract.
  2. Handset Base Price (HBP) refers to the price of the availed device at the point of plan subscription.
  3. Modem fee is P4,500 for VDSL and GPON Broadband accounts.
  4. Mesh fee is only applicable to ONEPlan offers with bundled mesh devices, if applicable.
  5. FTTR Fee refers to relevant fees incurred upon installation of Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) service, if applicable.
  6. Cashout refers to the amount required from the customer to avail the chosen device at a certain plan, if applicable.
  7. Unpaid Monthly Installment refers to the portion of the cashout that has not been paid by the customer in case of installment arrangement.
  8. Admin fee refers to the relevant costs incurred by Globe to process the request for plan termination or downgrade.
  9. Once the pre-termination fees are paid by the customer, the ownership of the modem and mesh will remain with Globe, and not transferred to the customer. Upon termination of the account, Globe will collect the device inclusions on any scheduled visit.
  10. Ownership of the modem and mesh or FTTR will only be transferred to the customer if they complete the contract of 24 months.

If I have a concern regarding my ONEPlan subscription, where do I raise this?

You may raise your concerns via the new GlobeOne app, Gie, and Platinum channels such as your Platinum Relationship Manager (PRM), Thea - The Platinum Digital Concierge, and the Platinum hotline.