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Postpaid Payday Deals - Globe Help & Support

Postpaid Payday Deals

What is Postpaid Payday Deals?

Postpaid Payday Deals is a Bi-monthly tactical exclusive offer via Globe New Online Shop which will happen every mid-month payday and last Friday of the month.

When is the start of Postpaid Payday Deals?

Postpaid Payday Deals will start on July 15 - 17 for the Mid-month payday sale and July 29 for the Flash Deal Friday. Dates will vary depending on the succeeding months of the year.

Who is eligible to avail the offer?

First time applicant and Additional accounts/line for Acquisition and/or renewing postpaid customers are eligible to avail of the promo.

Where can I avail of this offer?

You may avail of this offer via the Globe New Online Shop.

How will I know if I’m eligible?

Eligible customers will receive a text starting July 14 -15. Please see sample message below:

Get up to P1,000 worth of GCash cashback and exciting freebies when you apply or renew for a Postpaid GPlan on select Samsung, Apple, and Oppo devices at #MadeForGreater. Data charges may apply. Offer is from July 15-17, 2022 only. DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-147313, series of 2022. No advisories? Text OFF to 2686 for free.

How can I avail of the GCash cashback?

You'll need to subscribe to a Globe Postpaid's GPlan with device. Kindly note that the promo is available in select GPlans and select Samsung, Apple, and Oppo devices only.

When will I receive my GCash cashback and freebie?

GCash cashback will be seeded within 7 days after activation of the Postpaid line, assuming that you have an existing and fully-verified GCash account.

How will I know if you already sent the GCash cashback and freebie?

You'll receive a text from GCash notifying you of the GCash credit you received from your new postpaid plan. Just download the GCash app via App Store or Play Store to view your GCash balance in real-time.Your freebie will be shipped together with your device.

What are the requirements?

First time customers will need to provide valid POID & POFC. Current rules apply for renewing customers.

Do I need to pay right away?

For first time and additional accounts/line applications, you'll need to pay right away (advanced 1 mo MSF + handset cashout) to avail of the discount while existing customers have the option to do charge-to-bill.

What are the available modes of payment?

Interested applicants may pay via credit card, GCash, Cash on delivery and charge-to-bill (CTB) exclusively for renewing customers.

Is this offer exclusive to Globe Postpaid customers?

This is open to all customers who want to renew an existing Globe Postpaid plan or want to apply for a new or additional postpaid plan via the Globe Online Shop.

What device can I avail of?

This offer is available only for select Samsung, Oppo and Apple devices.

Can I carry or keep my existing mobile number?

Yes, customers can now switch to the Postpaid brand without changing their prepaid number.

What if a renewing Senior Citizen wants to avail of the promo and skip the online process?

For renewing senior citizens who want to avail of the exclusive online promo, you may call 211 for additional information.

What if a Platinum customer wants to avail of the promo?

Platinum customers may also avail of the promo as long as the transaction is done online.

What if an existing customers insists on availing the promo using other channel?

This promo is an exclusive offer available via the online channel only.

Where can I follow-up my GCash cashback and freebie yet/defective freebies/ non-receipt of freebie device/gadget?

You may tap the HELP button using the new GlobeOne app. You’ll be immediately redirected to our official FB messenger chat.