What is is an award-winning digital learning service that covers reading, math, art, music, and more for kids ages 2 to 8. Created by teachers and education experts, it has 10,000+ exciting learning activities and a structured step-by-step learning path that guides children through the curriculum. has been the #1 education app in the US for years.

Is available on the iPhone, iPad or Android?

For Android users, any tablet or device that supports Adobe Flash 10.2 or above can be used to access our site. Some Android devices no longer support Flash, so please check for that. If you have a device which doesn’t support Flash, please know that our team is working on getting our site more readily and easily available to these types of devices. We will be sure to make an announcement once that is ready.

What is Globe’s offer for

From June 19 - September 30, 2020, Globe Postpaid, Prepaid and Platinum customers can avail of a 3-month free subscription to

How do I redeem the offer?

To redeem the offer, just go to and follow the instructions found on the page.

I’m an existing user. Can I avail of the discount?

Sure, you can! Just go to www.ABCmouse/redeem and select the option to apply your voucher code to an existing account.

I’ve already availed of the promo offer. Can I avail of the free access again?

The promo can only be availed once per account. If you want to continue your access to, you may avail of the paid subscription.

My code won’t work. Who can I contact for help?

You may contact through their customer support portal