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Plan Zero FAQ - Globe

Plan Zero

What is Plan Zero?

Plan Zero is a special plan offered to a selected group of customers and isn’t a regular offer at Globe stores nor other Globe channels. It’s only offered through special channels under special circumstances. Under this plan, you may still subscribe to selected promos and packs but this will be charged to your bill on top of the maintenance fee of P50 per month. Standard rates will apply for all your calls, text and data usage; and these will be charged to your bill on a per-use basis.

This offer is valid for availment under the Globe Financial Care Program and may be enjoyed by customers until December 31, 2020.

Upon availment, all remaining balances from the previous bill will be billed to the customer on his/her succeeding bill and needs to be settled on or before the stated due date on the bill.

Why is Plan Zero being offered to you?

To acknowledge that your situation and needs may have changed due to the pandemic, Plan Zero is being offered to you in response to your request for assistance via the Globe Financial Care Program. With this plan, you may keep your number without paying your full monthly recurring fee.

Following are Plan Zero's terms and conditions:

  1. Plan Zero is offered to pre-selected active Globe Postpaid customers to help manage the finances. A maintenance fee of P50 will be required of availing customers.
  2. If customers have multiple accounts with Globe, only the mobile number that received the message is qualified to be enrolled in Plan Zero as qualification is based on a specific mobile number.
  3. Availing customers may enjoy Plan Zero until December 31, 2020 and will automatically be reverted to their original plan starting January 2021. If by January 2021, the original plan is no longer offered by Globe and is therefore unavailable, they will be provided with the latest plan choices offered by Globe Postpaid. The customer can choose the closest plan level available, whichever is lower, or another plan.
  4. Globe shall process the change in the plan within 3-5 working days after the deadline stated in this article.
  5. Once successfully processed, the customer may still opt to change to a different plan. Current plan renewal/change plan policies would apply.
  6. In case of remaining balances that are incurred upon availment of Plan Zero, these charges will form part of the total amount due in the next bill and will be subject to standard collection policies. The total amount due should be settled on or before the due date to avoid any inconvenience.
  7. Insufficient or non-payment of the total amount due on any scheduled due date will be subject to regular collections activities.

This program is subject to the terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement. By availing of Plan Zero under the Globe Financial Care Program, you hereby declare that you have fully understood and agree to the terms and conditions stated above and any future amendments of the Program and Subscription Agreement.