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SuliTxt FAQs

What is Globe SuliTxt?

Globe SuliTxt lets Globe Prepaid and Postpaid customers get to enjoy 100 Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM text messages good for 1 whole day for only Php15!

Cool! How do I register to this promo?

There are two ways to subscribe to Globe SuliTxt:

  • Via SMS:

Simply text SULITXT15 to 8080 to register.

Postpaid and Prepaid customers can also use the access number 2868 to register using the same keyword. Php15 will be automatically deducted from your Prepaid account upon registration. Also remember that a minimum of Php15 load is required for registration and the system will not be able to process your request if your load is below Php15.

  • Via Load Retailers:

Go to any Globe load retailer and ask for SuliTxt. Pay Php15 and the retailer will send you your SuliTxt from their phone.

I'm a Postpaid customer. Is the registration fee of Php15 part of my consumable plan?

Nope, the SuliTxt registration fee is charged on top of your plan.

Charges and usage will reflect under the following bill liners, under "Details of One Time Charges" section:

Bill LinerDescription
SuliTxt15Registration fee

Can I subscribe to SuliTxt via registration and via Globe load retailer at the same time?

You can only subscribe either via registration or via Globe load retailers within the same 24-hour period.

After registering, when can I begin using SuliTxt? How long is the activation time from registration?

The activation is within 1 hour from registration. Please wait for the confirmation message that will be sent to you regarding activation.

Just remember that before receiving the message that confirms activation, regular rates will still apply to the text messages that you will send.

I'm a Prepaid customer. How much Prepaid balance should I maintain in order to enjoy my SuliTxt?

There's no maintaining balance required to continuously enjoy the service.

When will my SuliTxt subscription expire?

If you registered to SuliTxt via registration, your promo expires after 24 hours. If you availed of it via load retailer, your subscription expires 24 hours from the time of activation or upon reduction of your text credits and will not be extended because of the reloading.

I still have free texts left in my Prepaid/Postpaid account. What will happen to them once I subscribe to SuliTxt?

Your SuliTxt will be consumed first before your regular free texts will be deducted from your account.

How will I know how many SuliTxt credits I still have left?

Simply text the keyword found in the table below and send to 8080 or 2250.

Postpaid Keyword
Prepaid Keyword
DescriptionAccess Number
To check status / balance via SMS registration8080

BALTo check status / balance via Globe load retailer2250

Can I register to SuliTxt via load retailer again even if I haven't consumed my current SuliTxt load yet?

If you try to register, you will just receive an error message informing you that you still have SuliTxt credits remaining. You must wait for the text expiry message before registering again.

However, if you subscribe to SuliTxt via SMS registration, then yes, you can register again. If you subscribe once more before your current registration (via text) expires, the remaining texts will be carried over to the next registration. You can also choose to register to the other text offers without stopping your SuliTxt subscription.

Can I avail of non-SMS promos while registered to SuliTxt?

Yep! You can avail of call and roaming promos while registered to SuliTxt.

Can I carry over the remaining texts I have under SuliTxt after 24 hours?

Sorry, but unused text messages from the offer will be forfeited after 24 hours.

What do I text if I need help on the service?

Simply text SULITXT HELP to 8080 for free to know the basic information about SuliTxt.

Can I subscribe to Sulitxt if I am on roaming?

Sorry, but this promo is not available if you are on roaming.

I'm a Postpaid customer and I checked my unbilled charges via 2312. Does the breakdown include text messages sent while I'm registered to SuliTxt?

Nope. SMS usage from SuliTxt registration is not included in your unbilled charges.

What do I text if I want to unsubscribe from the promo?

Postpaid Keyword
Prepaid Keyword
DescriptionAccess Number
To stop subscription to the service via SMS registration

To stop subscription to service via Globe load retailer