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What is the SUPERTXT promo offer from Globe?

The SUPERTXT promo lets you send unlimited text messages to other Globe/TM users for 30 days. It is also available as an All-You-Can service under the Globe mySUPERPLAN.

If I'm currently registered to SUPERTXT, can I register to UNLITXT?

Yes, you can register to UNLITXT! Your registration to the UNLITXT service will be queued and will be activated when you manually unsubscribe from SUPERTXT (since SUPERTXT is auto-renewed).

I am currently registered to the UNLITXT promo. Is it still possible for me to register to SUPERTXT?

Yes, you can register to SUPERTXT! Your SUPERTXT registration will be queued and will take effect when your UNLITXT has expired.

How will I know if my subscription has expired?

Your subscription will not expire since it's auto-renewed every 30 days. If you choose to stop subscription, you can do it through SMS by sending the following keywords:

If you are on My Super Plan – MYSUPERTXT END to 8080.

If you are on regular postpaid plans – SUPERTXT END to 8080

You will also receive an SMS notification 3 days before your subscription's expiry.

Does my SUPERTXT subscription stop once I start texting other networks?

No, your subscription will not stop. However, since SUPERTXT is only available for Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM texts, texts to other networks will be charged P1.00 and charged to your /MY SUPERPLAN/ postpaid account ON TOP of your UNLIMITED TEXTING SERVICE subscription fee.

It doesn't mean that once you send SMS to other networks, your SUPERTXT subscription is completely cancelled. It only means that texts to other networks will be charged the regular text rate, but your Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM texts are FREE since you are still registered to SUPERTXT.

I still have free SMS in my account. What will happen to my FREE SMS once I subscribe to SUPERTXT Service?

For Postpaid customers, any FREE SMS from your plan will be consumed after the expiration of SUPERTXT.

This is not applicable for MY SUPERPLAN customers.

Can I avail of the SUPERTXT promo while on roaming?

Yes, you can. However, bear in mind that when on roaming, your SUPERTXT service will tentatively be deactivated but the duration of your subscription will continue to run. The service will be reactivated once you get back in the country using local telecom services.

What will happen if I'm still in the Philippines and the roaming feature is still active?

Simple! You may register to the SUPERTXT promo to enjoy the service for as long as you are in the Philippines.

What will happen if I have an active SUPERTXT subscription and activate the roaming?

When on roaming, SUPERTXT will tentatively be deactivated but the duration of subscription will continue to run. But no need to worry! Your service will be reactivated once you get back in the Philippines and are using local telecom services.

Is there a lock-in period for SUPERTXT subscription?


Yes, there is a 90-day (3 months) lockup period when subscribing to SUPERTXT. The service is auto-renewed every 30 days. So if you want to end your subscription, you have to manually unsubscribe of the promo.


No, there is no lockup period for your SUPERTXT subscription because your subscription is auto-renewed. You have to manually unsubscribe of the service to end your subscription.

Will I be charged a corresponding fee if I end my SUPERTXT subscription within the 90-day lock-up (for Postpaid Non-My Super Plan)?

Yes, there will be a pre-termination fee of P900.00 if you unsubscribe of SUPERTXT within 90 days from registration.