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ThePLAN Availability and Application | Help & Support | Globe

Availability and Application

What are the requirements to avail of these plans?

Standard postpaid application requirements still apply. For those who want to avail of this plan with a free mobile phone, application requirements are as follows:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Billing Address
  • Proof of Financial Capacity (the amount of which should be commensurate to the plan value applied for)

What's the difference between ThePLAN and ThePLAN PLUS?

ThePLAN is the variant you get when you apply for a postpaid subscription and choose a phone to go along with it. It has a contract of 24 months.

ThePLAN PLUS is a SIM-only plan. If you still have a working device, you may opt to get ThePLAN PLUS that’s packed with more consumable value - compared to ThePLAN with device. With ThePLAN PLUS, you

  1. Get twice more larger-than-life data, using the additional bonus value, to enjoy more of the things you love
  2. Get twice more Globe rewards points, for a world of experiences beyond your phone
  3. Have no more contract because we will commit to make you want to stay

How do I start creating my plan?

There are two ways to create a plan. You may select your plan monthly recurring fee (MRF) commitment first then select your plan components, or select your plan components first and add it up to see your MRF commitment.

Are Platinum plans also available for this plan?

Yes! Platinum plans are also available.

Can I still apply for your previous plans, like the myLifestyle Plan?

The old myLifestyle Plan is no longer available. If you’re currently on a myLifestyle Plan, you can continue to enjoy your plan until such time you decide to renew or change to these plans.

These new postpaid plans are packed with more data and freebie options to choose from, as well as more affordable call and text packs. If you’re already out of contract, you may switch to ThePLAN anytime.

How can I avail of this offer?

You can avail of this plan through the following channels:

  • Globe stores nationwide
  • Globe Online Shop
  • Plan renewal via Globe stores or hotline
  • Globe Telesales (outbound)

If I get ThePLAN PLUS (SIM-only plan), where can I use the additional consumable value?

You can use the additional consumable value to avail of more call, text, surf or lifestyle packs or simply use it as consumables where your pay-per-use call, text, and data transactions will be charged to.