Availability and Application

When did ThePLAN become available?

ThePLAN is available starting February 18, 2017.

Cool! Where can I go to apply for ThePLAN?

You can avail ThePLAN through these channels:

  • Globe stores nationwide
  • Online through our Globe Shop at shop.globe.com.ph
  • Contract renewal via Globe Stores or hotline at (02) 730-1000
  • Outbound sales team

Do I need to bring any requirements upon application?

Regular postpaid application requirements still apply. If you'd like to get this plan with a free mobile phone, application requirements are as follows:

  1. Proof of Identity (POID)
  2. Proof of Billing Address (POBA)
  3. Proof of Financial Capacity (POFC)

Just a note: The amount in your POFC should be commensurate to the value of the plan you're applying for.

Can I still apply for your previous plans, like the myLifestyle Plan?

With the launch of ThePLAN, the old myLifestyle Plan is no longer available. With our new postpaid plan, you'll get better value and flexibility with more call, text and data options to choose from.

I just got a myLifestyle Plan, can I switch it to ThePLAN?

If you're under contract for your myLifestyle Plan, you may choose to wait till your contract ends and then make that switch to ThePLAN.

You also have the option to upgrade or move to the same level under ThePLAN while under contract, without paying any preterm fees.

If you choose to downgrade, you'll have to pay a preterm fee.

I already have my own device; can I apply for a line only?

Sure you can! You can get ThePLAN Plus -- our line-only plans -- so you have additional consumable value that you can use for more calls and texts or longer browsing.

Are ThePLAN's rates just the same as myLifestyle Plan?

Regular rates for calls, texts and data remain the same.

Will I also have a contract with ThePLAN?

ThePLAN comes in two versions: with device or just the line.

If you partner ThePLAN with a device, you'll be under contract for 24 months. If you get just the line - ThePLAN Plus

- you have a minimum of 6 months contract.

Can I apply for Platinum membership with ThePLAN?

Yes. Platinum plans are available starting with ThePLATINUM Plan 3799.

Do you still have Gadget Care with ThePLAN?

Yes! Gadget Care is still free for the first month. If you'd like hassle-free protection for your gadget every month, you can also get Gadget Care protection for a minimal amount.

What makes your data larger than life?

Our data offers now have bigger data allowance. For only P599, you can now have 4GB a month, which gives you 1GB per week making it perfect for all your surfing needs.

You can use your data allowance to enjoy a wide range of entertainment offers with top partners like Spotify, Disney, HOOQ, Netflix and more. Your GoSURF also comes with one freebie of your choice so you get to enjoy apps like Facebook, Viber, Youtube and more.