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Free 10GB with ThePLAN & ThePLAN Plus - Globe Help & Support

Free 10GB on the First Month

What’s the free 10GB offer all about?

Customers who apply for new postpaid lines or renew their line under ThePLAN or ThePLAN PLUS 999 and higher from October 31-December 31, 2020 will enjoy FREE 10GB, on top of their data allowance, during their first month.

How will I know when you’ve sent the free 10GB to me?

Within 24-48 hours after your new line is activated or after you’ve renewed your line, we’ll send you the one-time 10GB data allowance, valid for 30 days. You'll receive a text when we send it.

To check your data balance, you can view it via the GlobeOne app or by texting DATA BAL to 8080 for free.

Will the free 10GB be used up first before my main GoSURF promo and will it roll over to the next cycle if I don’t use it all up?

Your free 10GB will be used up first before your main GoSURF promo. If you’re unable to use it all up on your first month, it won’t roll over to the next cycle.

Can the free 10GB co-exist with other data promos?

Yes, you’ll be able to enjoy your free 10GB with other data promos.

Will the free 10GB be stackable with other GoSURF promos?

No, the free 10GB won’t stack or combine with other data promos.

If I temporarily disconnect my line and have it reconnected before 30 days, can I still enjoy the free 10GB?

Yes you can, the free 10GB will be valid for 30 days from the date your line is activated.