About ThePLATINUM Plans

What are ThePLATINUM Plans?

ThePLATINUM Plans are enhanced plans designed to give you, our Platinum customer, the best that Globe has to offer.

We've prepared two options for you: A plan to partner with your device, and a line-only version when you don't get any device.

Why are ThePLATINUM Plans better than your old Platinum plans?

ThePLATINUM Plans are better because of the following:

  • Bigger and better local mobile data on our plans with device, and the Platinum All-Month Surf exclusive for the line-only plans
  • Flexible consumable amount across all plans
  • Built-in offers exclusive for the line-only plans
  • Priority in Globe's mobile network

Of course, these plans still come with the benefits of being a Globe Platinum customer:

  • Priority handling in Globes stores
  • Platinum hotline with 24/7 availability: (02) 7301888 for landline and 188 for mobile
  • Access to international airport lounges
  • Domestic and international concierge services
  • Loaner phones
  • Vanity mobile number
  • Special access to Globe events
  • Special privileges from local and international partner merchants
  • Membership to the Ayala Rewards Circle program

Are ThePLATINUM Line-Only Plans better than the plan with a device?

There are certain advantages to getting a line-only plan. ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans have exclusive Platinum services that are already built in and not deducted from the consumable amount:

  • Platinum All-Month Surf
  • Platinum Unli Data Roaming
  • Platinum Priority Servicing

For the list of countries with unlimited data roaming or Roam Surf 599, click here.

Once the days of unlimited data roaming for the month have been consumed, regular data roaming charges will apply. Data roaming, whether using Roam Surf 599, other Roam Surf variants, or zonal rates, will not be charged to your consumable allowance. These will be charged on top of your monthly recurring fee (MRF).

Do I need to pay extra for Platinum All-Month Surf and Platinum Priority Servicing for ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans?

No need! These are built-in services and not deducted from your consumable amount.

Do I need to pay an additional fee for Unlimited Data Roaming for ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans?

The line-only plan offer unlimited data roaming options every month that ladder up across the different plans:

  • 2-day unlimited data roaming per month at Plan 3799
  • 4-day unlimited data roaming per month at Plan 4999
  • 6-day unlimited data roaming per month at Plan 7999

Once your data roaming days for the month are consumed, the regular data roaming rates, such as Roam Surf 599, will be charged on top of your monthly recurring fee (MRF).

For the list of countries with unlimited data roaming or Roam Surf 599, click here.

How much consumable amount do I get with ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans?

Your consumable amount is the same with ThePLATINUM Plans that have a device:

  • P1,500 consumable amount at Plan 3799
  • P2,250 consumable amount at Plan 4999
  • P4,250 consumable amount at Plan 7999

Can I still have data allowance that rolls over with ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans?

The Platinum All-Month Surf is already part of the exclusive and built-in services of the line-only plans. Since you can already enjoy continuous local data surfing, you no longer need your regular GoSURF with roll over.

Can I still buy a new smartphone when I get ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans?

Sure! You can still buy any smartphone from Globe at your personal expense, or purchase your device separately from other retailers.

Do ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans have a contract?

Yes. As with the rest of the new Globe postpaid line-only plans, ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans have a contract period of 6 months.

Do I need to pay a fee if I terminate my subscription during the first 6 months of ThePLATINUM Line-only Plans?

If you terminate your subscription during the first 6 months, you'll need to pay P2,000, regardless of your plan. If you downgrade to a regular postpaid plan, an additional admin fee will be charged. If you're migrating to another variant of ThePLATINUM Plans, this admin fee is waived.

Why do I have to pay for a pre-termination fee when I didn't get a smartphone with ThePLATINUM Line-only Plan?

While line-only plans don't include a smartphone, they come with additional services to keep the overall value for you. The pre-termination fee is intended to offset costs for the additional services that would have been recovered if the customer had kept their subscription for at least 6 months.