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ThePLATINUM Plans Availability and Application | Help & Support | Globe

ThePLATINUM Plans Availability and Application

When did ThePLATINUM PLAN become available?

We started offering ThePLATINUM Plans on February 18, 2017. These plans are available until further notice.

Where can I apply for ThePLATINUM PLAN?

If it's your first time getting a Platinum plan, you can apply at Globe stores, through our hotline, or via the Globe online shop.

If you're an existing Platinum customer – you may inquire about the new plan with your Relationship Manager.

You can also approach any of our Platinum representatives at Globe Platinum events and activities.

What do I need to submit when applying for ThePLATINUM PLAN?

The regular application requirements for Globe Postpaid plan apply:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Billing Address
  • Proof of Income

Don't forget to bring original copies of your documents (if you're applying at a store). If necessary, additional supporting documents may also be requested.

Once submitted, applications will be subject to evaluation and approval.

Can I upgrade to ThePLATINUM Plans?

If you're an existing postpaid customer, you can request this at our Globe stores and hotline. Additional supporting documents may be requested if necessary. Your upgrade request will be subject for approval.

If you're an existing Platinum customer, you can inquire with your Relationship Manager. He/she may request for additional supporting documents, if necessary. Your upgrade request will also be subject for approval.

Can I renew my contract without changing to ThePLATINUM PLAN?

If you're an existing Globe Platinum customer, we encourage you to change to ThePLATINUM Plans. The previous Globe Platinum plans will no longer be offered for those renewing their contracts.

What smartphones are available with ThePLATINUM PLAN?

You can check out our page here for the exclusive handsets that come with ThePLATINUM Plans.

Do you have different application requirements for ThePLATINUM PLAN?

The same application requirements and process apply for the line-only plans.