Globe Priority Network

What does Globe Priority Network mean?

Mobile data experience is influenced by the area you're in, the number of other customers in the same area and the type of device you're using.

Globe Priority Network ensures that Platinum customers are always placed ahead so that their mobile data experience is always better than the rest. When using the same cell sites as other Globe mobile customers, Globe Platinum customers can enjoy double the data speed of regular postpaid and even four times faster than prepaid.

Who can experience the Globe Priority Network?

Globe Priority Network includes all Globe mobile customers and gives special priority to Platinum customers.

Where is Globe Priority Network available?

Globe Priority Network can be enjoyed in the key commercial areas listed below and is currently being rolled out in different locations nationwide.

  • Ortigas, Mandaluyong
  • Rockwell, Makati
  • Alabang, Muntinlupa

How will I know when I'm on Globe Priority Network?

Watch out for updates on the rollout of the Globe Priority Network. When the nationwide rollout is completed, it will include the entire mobile coverage of the Globe network.

Will I experience Globe Priority Network every time and everywhere I go?

When the nationwide rollout is completed, you'll experience Globe Priority Network as long as you're within Globe's mobile coverage.

Is Globe Priority Network applicable to all Platinum Plans? Will it work for old plans?

During the rollout, Globe Priority Network will also build its capability to properly identify all Globe mobile users and provide the top access to all Platinum customers. We highly recommend changing to the latest Globe Platinum Plans and to ensure you're properly identified within the Globe network.

Does Globe Priority Network apply to 3G and LTE devices?

Yes, Globe Priority Network applies to both 3G and LTE devices. However, speed will still depend on what SIM you're using. You must use an LTE SIM and LTE device together so that you'll experience internet speed up to 42 Mbps.

Do I need an LTE SIM card to experience Globe Priority Network? Will it work with old SIM cards?

You need an LTE SIM card to be able to experience speed of up to 42 Mbps with Globe Priority Network. If you're using a 3G SIM, you'll still be experiencing Globe Priority Network, but with more limited speed. We highly recommend that you switch to an LTE SIM so you'll be able to experience the maximum speed that Globe has to offer.

What does up to 42 Mbps mean?

With Globe's LTE services, you'll be provided with download speed up to 42 Mbps so that you can experience a faster and smoother internet experience than ever.

Why does my speed change from time to time?

Speed changes from time to time because of the number of users in the network that causes the connection to either speed up or slow down.

With Globe Priority Network, you'll be assured that you'll be given priority with your data connection such that your speed will be the fastest among all those customers connected to the site, despite the number of customers on the site.

Within the Globe Priority Network, is the speed of my Globe Broadband same as the speed of my Globe Platinum line?

Your Globe Broadband speed depends on your subscription plan. Some Broadband plans have higher or lower speeds than Globe Platinum's maximum speed of up to 42 Mbps.