Handset Upgrade | Handset Financing Plans FAQs

What is the Handset Upgrade | Handset Financing Plan?

The Handset Upgrade l Handset Financing Plans from Globe allow you to own a device without upfront payment, with low monthly installments, plus the option to upgrade to a new handset after 12 months.*

The table below shows the features of the Handset Upgrade l Handset Financing Plans:

Two plans to choose from, 999 and 1,299You get to choose the plan that fits your lifestyle and need
Bonus value per plan

Each plan gives P500 bonus value

  • Get P1,299 actual value from Plan 799
  • Get P1,499 actual value from Plan 999
  • Get P1,799 actual value from Plan P1,299

Use this bonus value to avail of different services and promos from our Postpaid offers such as:

  • Data allowance
  • Unli Call and Texts
  • Premium Contents such as Spotify, Netflix, HOOQ etc.
Latest line-up of devices
Choose from selected Huawei and Samsung models or the latest iPhones
No upfront cash needed
Get the latest phone even without cash or credit card
Installment payment terms
Pay for your device in equal monthly amounts, charged to your postpaid bill
Yearly phone upgrade
Get the chance to have a new phone* every year with the Handset Upgrade Plan.

*Phone to be returned should be in good working condition or damage fees will apply.

The Handset Upgrade Plans come with 27 months' contract. Handset Financing Plans come with 24 months’ contract.

What's inside the Handset Upgrade | Handset Financing Plans?

These installment plans come with consumables which you can use to pay for services that you can mix and match such as data, call and text services and premium content.

Whenever the need arises, you may also opt to get other one-time or recurring services beyond your plan These extra services will be charged in addition to your monthly plan.

How do I qualify for one?

  1. If you’re applying for a new/additional line:
    1. Regular policies and postpaid requirements apply.
    2. You may apply through our Sales hotline at (02) 730-1010 or visit any of these Globe stores:

    RegionGlobe Store
    GMAUP Town CenterSM North EDSASM Megamall
    Tower OneGloriettaGreenbelt
    RockwellSM Mall of AsiaMarket! Market!
    SM AuraThe Globe TowerUptown Place BGC
    Iconic BGCAlabang Town CenterSM Southmall
    South LuzonSM Sta. RosaSM DasmarinasSM Bacoor
    SM BatangasSM LipaAyala Mall Liberty Center
    Visayas/MindanaoAyala Center CebuAyala Center Centrio

  2. If you’re up for plan renewal:
    1. You must own a personal Globe postpaid subscription whose contract has already ended.
    2. Call us at (02) 730-1300 anytime from Monday-Sunday,  8 AM - 10 PM.
    3. When your eligibility is confirmed and you’ve decided which plan to avail, you’ll be asked to fill out a recontracting form and a Loan Agreement form.

Whether applying for a new line or renewing your plan, you’ll be asked to sign a Loan Agreement form. It’s the document that describes and breaks down the monthly payments you’ll be making for the handset as well as your plan’s terms and conditions.

What are the handsets choices?

Under Handset Financing Plans, you may choose from this line-up:

Installment AmountTotal Monthly  Fee
Samsung Note9
Handset Financing Plan 999P1,900/month
Handset Financing Plan 1299P3,199/month
Samsung S9
Handset Financing Plan 999
Handset Financing Plan 1299P2,899/month
Samsung S9+Handset Financing Plan 999P1,950/monthP2,949/month
Handset Financing Plan 1299P3,249/month
Samsung Galaxy J8Handset Financing Plan 799P650/monthP1,449/month
Handset Financing Plan 999P1,649/month
Handset Financing Plan 1299P1,949/month
Samsung Galaxy A6+Handset Financing Plan 999P800/monthP1,799/month
Handset Financing Plan 1299P2,099/month
Huawei Mate 20 128GBHandset Financing Plan 999P1,150/monthP2,149/month
Handset Financing Plan 1299P 2,449/month
Huawei Mate 20 Pro  128GBHandset Financing Plan 999P1,600/monthP 2,599/month
Handset Financing Plan 1299P 2,899/month
Huawei P20Handset Financing Plan 999P900/monthP1,899/month
Handset Financing Plan 1299P2,199/month
Huawei P20 ProHandset Financing Plan 999P1,250/monthP2,249/month
Handset Financing Plan 1299P2,549/month
iPhone 6s Plus 32GBHandset Financing Plan 1299
iPhone 8 64GBP1,000/monthP2,299/month
iPhone Xs 64GBP2,300/monthP3,599/month
iPhone Xs 256GBP2,750/monthP4,049/month
iPhone Xs 512GBP3,275/monthP4,4574/month
iPhone Xs Max 64GBP2,600/monthP3,899/month
iPhone Xs Max 256GBP3,025/monthP4,324/month
iPhone Xs Max 512GBP3,550/monthP4,849/month
iPhone XR 64GBP1,700/monthP2,999/month
iPhone XR 128GBP1,825/monthP3,124/month
iPhone XR 256GBP2,075/monthP3,374/month

Under Handset Upgrade Plans, these are the handset choices:

Installment AmountTotal Monthly  Fee
Samsung Note9 (128 GB)
Handset Upgrade Plan 999
Handset Upgrade Plan 1299
Samsung S9 (64 GB)
Handset Upgrade Plan 999
Handset Upgrade Plan 1299
Samsung S9 + (64 GB)
Handset Upgrade Plan 999P2,150/month
Handset Upgrade Plan 1299
Huawei P20
Handset Upgrade Plan 999
Handset Upgrade Plan 1299
Huawei P20 Pro
Handset Upgrade Plan 999
Handset Upgrade Plan 1299

How do I upgrade my device?

With the Handset Upgrade Plan, you can upgrade as early as the 13th month. To upgrade:

  1. Just return your existing device in good condition at participating Globe stores (Refer to the stores list in #3)
  2. Choose your new device from the available models
  3. Fill out a Loan Agreement Form.

No outright payments needed as you’ll pay for your new device in installments through your plan.

If your phone isn’t in good condition, the following damage fees may apply:

Damage Fee*
S8 | S8+ | Note8
S9 | S9+ | Note9
Huawei P20 | P20 Pro
Level 2 - device is 100% fully functionalWith deep scratches, small chips and dentsP11,600P14,100
Level 3 - device isn’t fully functionalWith deep screen scratches, larger dents, missing screws, chipped and/or cracked screenP18,200


Can I terminate before the contract ends?

Yes, you can but doing so will incur some charges. If you’re not up to it, it’s really best to finish your contract.

If you terminate before 24 months - you’ll have to pay a pre-termination fee of P2,000, a P550 admin fee plus the balance of the device payments.

If you terminate after 24 months - you only have to pay the balance of the device payments.

Can I turn the line over to someone else?

Turning over the line to someone means a change in ownership. This won’t be allowed unless:

1. Your contract is terminated
2. Your device payments have been completed.