Popular FAQs for Call Promos

What are the promos?

There are 2 promos you can choose from: Duo and SuperDuo.

Duo/MyDuo allows you to make unlimited calls to any Duo/MyDuo number, Globe Landline nationwide, and selected landlines! If you're a Prepaid customer, you can get it for only P350 for 14 days.

SuperDuo/MySuperDuo, on the other hand, is Globe Duo plus unlimited calls to Globe/TM. That's P599 for 30 days. The service will be charged on top of your plan if you are a postpaid customer and no lock-up period applies.

How do I use the service?

It's easy! All you have to do is register to the service to get a DUO number. The system automatically uses your Duo/MyDuo number when you call a landline, and automatically uses your mobile number when you call another mobile number.

For SuperDuo customers, your outgoing calls to Globe/TM mobile numbers and Globe Landlines will be FREE!

What is Globe's TAWAG236 promo offer?

Tawag236 lets you talk to your friends and family longer with its special rate of P20 for a 20-minute Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM call!

What happens if my call exceeds 20 minutes when using 236?

Every excess of 20 minutes will be rounded up to 20 minutes, which is equivalent to P20.

Say, for example, you use the promo for a call that lasts for 24 minutes, you will be charged P40 – that's P20 for the first 20 minutes plus another P20 for the next 4 minutes. If the call lasts for 45 minutes, you will be charged P60 – that's P20 for the first and second twenty minutes plus another P20 for the last 5 minutes.

And another thing, please note that calls will be terminated at the end of the 20th minute.