Super Combo 20 FAQs

What is the SUPERCOMBO 20 promo offer from Globe?

With SUPERCOMBO 20, you can send UNLIMITED texts and make 50 minutes of calls to Globe/TM numbers for just P20! This promo is valid for 1 day and requires a maintaining balance of P1.

How can I avail of the SUPERCOMBO 20?

Easy! To register, just text COMBO20 to 8080. The service will only cost P20 and is valid for 24 hours upon registration.

Who can avail of SUPERCOMBO 20?

All Globe Prepaid customers can avail of this special promo.

How would I know if I can already use my SUPERCOMBO 20 service?

After texting COMBO20 to 8080, you will get a confirmation message from Globe regarding activation.

Confirmation message:

Your Globe SUPERCOMBO 20 is now active! You may now enjoy ALL DAY unlimited texting and 50 minutes of calls to Globe/TM! Pls maintain P1 balanceto enjoy the service. To check status, text COMBO STATUS to 8080 free. To end subscription, text COMBO STOP to 8080 free. Promo til 11/20. DTIxxxxS10

Be reminded that the required balance to register to this promo is P20. Also, should you be registered but used up your load to text or call customers of other networks, you may no longer use the service.

For calling any Globe/TM number, no prefix is needed. Just register to the service, wait for the confirmation message, and you can use your unlimited texts and 50 call minutes.

Can I register to other Globe Prepaid promos while registered to SUPERCOMBO 20?

While subscribed to SUPERCOMBO 20, you can only register to DUO, SULITXT 15, and SUPER IDD 99. You cannot register to other Globe Prepaid promos, such as the SUPERDUO, SUPERALL TXT 20, UNLITXT, SUPERTXT, and SUPERUNLI 25.

I'm already using the SUPERCOMBO 20 service. How will I know that my subscription has expired?

There's no need to worry. Globe will send you an SMS notification once your subscription expires. Or, you may also check your status via text message. Simply text COMBO BAL to 8080. This is free of charge.

Expiry message: 

Your Globe SUPERCOMBO 20 has already expired. To register again, text COMBO20 to 8080. Valid for 1 day.

How do I know how much SUPERCOMBO 20 balance I have left in my account?

Just text COMBO BAL to 8080 to check the remaining number of free voice minutes to Globe/TM numbers and the validity of unlimited SMS. Once done, you will receive a message like this:

Your Globe SUPERCOMBO 20 will expire on (mm/dd/yy, time). You also have xx call minutes which will expire on the same date/time. This text is free of charge.

Can I register to SUPERCOMBO 20 even if my previous subscription has not yet expired?

Sorry, but you cannot register to two unlimited services at the same time. You will have to wait for the service to expire to subscribe again. But, if you really want to opt out of the promo, you could just stop the service by texting STOP to 8080.

Is the SUPERCOMBO 20 promo available via Globe Load retailers?

No. Registration through load retailers is currently not available. But please do watch out for future offers via Globe Load retailers.

I'm a Globe Postpaid customer and I want to avail of the promo. What do I text to register?

The SUPERCOMBO 20 is open to Globe Prepaid customers only. Stay tuned for further announcements to know more about the great offers for Globe Postpaid.

Can I avail of this promo if I am ROAMING?

Nope, you cannot use this service if you are on roaming.


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