GoKorean Virtual Hangouts FAQs

What are GoKorean Virtual Hangouts?

GoKorean Virtual Hangouts are Korean-themed experiences for its fans via Virtual Hangouts GoKorean pillar to enjoy to further hype up the movies.

What are the activities of GoKorean Virtual Hangouts?

  1. Okay Madam K-Cooking Party - Learn how to make the famous kkwabaegi (twisted donuts)  from the movie.
  2. A Day Escape Room - Try to break free from the virtual Escape Room inspired by the movie.
  3. Secret Zoo Kmmunity Mixer Party - Create drinks and join the party filled with games and    activities to celebrate the release of the movie.

How do I join the GoKorean Virtual Hangouts?

Register to Go+400 and get 1 GMovies voucher worth P190, plus 1 Shoor voucher to access the Virtual Hangouts K-Experience event.

Will all those who register to Go+400 get a GMovie voucher and a Shoor voucher?

All Globe Prepaid customers who register to Go+400 from May 11-12, June 4-7 and June 24-25 will get a free GMovies voucher and Shoor voucher.

How do I register to Go+400?

You may register to Go+400 via *143#, GCash, GlobeOne app, 8080.

How will I receive the free GMovies voucher and Shoor voucher?

You will receive the free GMovies voucher and Shoor voucher via text.

How do I use the free vouchers?

Log in to UPSTREAM.ph/movies and select a Korean movie under Asian Spotlight. Click PAY and enter the GMovies voucher. For more questions about Upstream, just visit UPSTREAM.ph and click FAQs.

What Korean movies can I watch in Upstream? How long will they be available?

List of Movies and Validity Period

  • Battleship - April 22 to July 21 (can be viewed until July 26)
  • Bring Me Home - May 9 to Aug 13 (can be viewed until Aug 18)
  • Okay Madam - May 22 to Aug 27 (can be viewed until Sept 1) 
  • Little Forest - June 5 to Sept 10 (can be viewed until Sept 15)
  • A Day - June 20 to Sept 24 (can be viewed until Sept 29)
  • Secret zoo - July 3 to Oct 8 (can be viewed until Oct 13)
  • Beauty Water - July 17 to Oct 22 (can be viewed until Oct 27)
  • You Drive Me Crazy - May 29 to August 28 (can be viewed until Oct 2)

How do I register for the K-Cooking Experience?

Just visit http://bit.ly/VHO-KCooking to register and follow the instructions provided.

What will I get upon registration to the Shoor K-Cooking Experience?

Using the Shoor voucher code, you will receive a VIP invite to the K-Cooking Experience happening on May 22 and a K-Cooking kit which will be delivered before the event.

Until when can I register to the K-Cooking Experience?

The Shoor voucher is valid until May 22, but only the first 100 registrants will be accommodated.

How long will it take for the K-Cooking kit to be delivered?

Please expect the K-Cooking kit to be delivered within 5 to 7 days upon successful registration.

How do I register to the Escape Room Experience?

Just visit http://bit.ly/VHO-KEscape to register using your Shoor Escape Room voucher code.

What do I get after registering for the Escape Room Experience?

You get free access to the Virtual Escape Room game and a VIP invite to K-Experience Escape Room Event happening on June 19.

Until when can I register for the Escape Room Experience?

The Shoor Escape Room VIP event invite is valid until June 18, 2021. But the free access to the Virtual Escape Room Game is valid until July 18, 2021.

Are the GMovies and Shoor voucher codes transferable? Can they be converted to cash?

The GMovies and Shoor vouchers are transferable, but they cannot be converted to cash.