Important Advisory

Go+ offers will no longer be available starting March 30, 2021. But you can still enjoy our other Go promos.

Go+ Promos with Home-Only Data

What are Go+ promos?

The new Go+ Promos are a level up to its already generous GO promos! Now, customers even have more GBs to use, as each promo comes with extra home-only GBs. Home-only GBs are the same as their usual mobile data (can be used for all sites and apps) but can only be used in one (1) location -- which is in their nominated address.

What are the different Go+ promos?

  • Go+120 - 3GB for all sites + 8GB home-only data, unli allnet texts, 1GB GoWiFi access, valid for 7 days.
  • Go+160 - 3GB for all sites + 12GB home-only data, unli allnet texts, 2GB GoWiFi access, valid for 7 days.
  • Go+190 - 3GB for all sites + 15GB home-only data, unli allnet texts, 2GB GoWiFi access, valid for 7 days.

When will the promos be available?

GO+ promos will be available from October 13, 2020 onwards.

How do you register to Go+ promos?

You can only register to Go+ promos via the GlobeOne app. Once you have successfully registered, you should be able to receive a text notification.

Can I register to Go+ promos without registering any address?

No. Your registration will not push through if you don’t nominate an address for your home-only data.

Is there a maintaining balance needed to avail of Go+ promos?

You can avail of the Go+ promos as long as you have enough load to buy them.

Can I register to more than one Go+ promo at a given time?

Yes! You can register as many times as you like.

Can I register to Go+ and to other Globe Prepaid promos at a given time?

Yes, you can use Go+ promos with your favorite data promos EXCEPT FOR SuperSurf.

Do my GBs from GoSURF/GoSAKTO/Go and other Go+ promos stack together?

Yes, as long as you avail of the Go+ promos when your GoSURF/GoSAKTO/Go promos have not yet expired, all your unused GBs will stack and follow the expiry of the promo with the longest expiry. GoSURF/GoSAKTO/Go promos will stack with your mobile data, while your home-only GBs of your Go+ promos will stack if you have multiple registrations to Go+ promos.

If I register to another Go+ promo while my Go+ promo is still active, can I change address?

No, if you register to another Go+ promo while you are currently subscribed to a Go+ promo, it will follow the current nominated address of your existing Go+ promo.

Can I change my address while I'm subscribed to a Go+ promo?

No, you can nominate one address for your home-only GBs per registration. Once your Go+ promo is active, you are locked in to that address until your Go+ promo expires.

Will I be notified if I’m already in my home location? Will I also get notified if I get out of my home location?

Yes, you will receive SMS notifications if you get in or get out of your home location coverage.

I am already outside my nominated home address, but my home-only GBs are still active and I haven't received any notification yet that I went out of my location. Why is that?

You will be able to use your home-only GBs within 5km from your nominated home address. There might also be a system delay of around 10 mins before we can detect your exact location.

How will I know if my Go+ promo has expired?

You will be notified that your promo will expire soon 1 day before the expiry date. You will also receive a text once your Go+ promo expires.

How do I check how much data I have left for my Go+ promos?

You can check this via the GlobeOne app. Please note that the current active access will be reflected in the app.

How come I can't stack my Go+ offers? Is there something wrong?

It is possible that you are registering to another Go+ offer while you still have an active Go+ registration. This is okay as long as you register while you are within the home address/location you nominated. However, if you are outside your nominated home address, you will not be able to stack you Go+ offers. Best to ensure that you are in your home address when you re-register.