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GoGAMES FAQ - Globe Help & Support


What is GoGAMES?

GoGAMES is a skill-based hyper-casual gaming platform that allows players to compete in tournament games against other players for a chance to win Rewards points, as well as play arcade games for fun.

Who can play games in GoGAMES?

GoGAMES is currently only available for all active Globe Prepaid customers.

What do I need in order to play games in GoGAMES?

All you need is an internet-capable smartphone with the new GlobeOne app installed. Simply go to the Games section in the GlobeOne app, then select GoGAMES to start playing.

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

Yes, you must be connected to the internet while playing.

Will my data allowance be consumed when playing?

Regular data charges will apply when using GoGAMES.

How long are the Rewards points I earn from GoGAMES valid?

The Rewards points you earn from GoGAMES are valid for 30 days upon receipt.

How long do I have to wait until I get my Rewards points?

You will get your points as soon as the tournament ends. You will also receive a notification in the GoGAMES page to let you know once your points are ready for use.