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GoSAKTO Wonderful Surprises FAQs

What is this all about?

You can get free Wonderful Surprises when you register to GoSAKTO70, GoSAKTO90, GoSAKTO120, or GoSAKTO140 starting January 17, 2020.

Cool! How do I claim a surprise?

You will receive a message once you've registered to an eligible GoSAKTO promo. You can also text SURPRISE INFO to 8080 or visit for more info.

I registered to GoSAKTO twice. Will I get two (2) surprises?

Yes, you will get a surprise for every registration. However, in the event that you pulled the freebie of the same kind, you need to wait until your 1st freebie expires (i.e., after 3 days).

If I register to GoSAKTO on Day 1 and another GoSAKTO on Day 3, but I only text SURPRISE on the 3rd day, can I still get my other freebie?

Yes. As long as your GoSAKTO is still active. 

To illustrate:

Day 1 - GoSAKTO1

Day 2 - GoSAKTO2

Day 3 - Text SURPRISE to 8080 ⇒ Get freebie from GoSAKTO1; if you text SURPRISE again, you will get your freebie from GoSAKTO2. 

Until when can I redeem my 1-hour data freebie?

You can redeem your freebie as long as your GoSAKTO registration is still active.

Until when can I use my 1-hour data freebie?

You need to use your free 1hour data pack within the next 3 days upon successful pull. Else, your freebie will be forfeited.

How will I know when I am already using my free 1-hour data pack? How will I know if it is still active?

Your 1 hour starts as soon as you access the app. You may also text DATA BAL to know if your freebie is still active.

If I fail to redeem my freebie before my GoSAKTO expires, can I still redeem my it?

No. You can only redeem your freebie while your GoSAKTO is still active.