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GoSHOP with Globe Prepaid FAQs

What is this offer?

GoSAKTO90 & up and GoSURF299 & up just got extra! For every registration to these promos from August 1 to 31, 2019, you can now get a free P50 QR voucher to enjoy discounts when you shop, dine or watch a movie using GCash.

Also available on SWITCH200.

Who can avail of this offer?

Globe Prepaid customers who register to any of the participating promos can get a free P50 GCash QR voucher with every promo registration.

I registered to GoSAKTO90 twice this week! Does that mean I can get 2 GCash QR vouchers?

You can only get one free GCash QR voucher per week. Also note that earned discounts from this promo will be counted in the unique customer’s total cumulative cashbacks/discounts, capped at P1,000.00 for the month, along with any other on-going GCash QR promos applicable.

How do I claim my free GCash QR voucher?

Easy! Once you register to a participating promo, you’ll receive a message with a link to claim your free GCash QR voucher. Click on the link, enter your mobile number and click Claim. Then, click the P50 QR voucher and click Use Now. The voucher will automatically be stored in the Voucher Pocket in your GCash app.

I don’t have the GCash app yet! Where will my GCash QR voucher go?

Just download the GCash app from Google Play Store for Android or from App Store for iOS and register. You’ll see your voucher in the Voucher Pocket when you log in to the app.

I forgot to claim the GCash QR voucher right away! Until when can I claim it?

Don’t worry, you can claim your free voucher as long as your promo is still valid.

How do I use the GCash QR voucher?

Log in to your GCash app and go to the Voucher Pocket. Choose the voucher you’d like to use and click Use Now.

Are there any restrictions when using the GCash QR vouchers?

Please take note of the following terms and conditions:

QR Voucher
OfferTerms & Conditions
P50 voucher
  • Minimum spend of P100
  • Valid for 60 days upon claiming from GCash's URL
  • Only 1 voucher per week can be claimed

I forgot my GCash QR voucher! How can I retrieve it? OR How do I check my available promo codes & vouchers?

Don’t fret! Just text GOSHOP STATUS to 8080, or dial *143# and choose Codes & Vouchers to have your available promo codes & vouchers re-sent to you.

Until when can I avail the GCash QR vouchers?

Your voucher is valid for use 60 days upon claiming. Make sure you use it before it expires!

How many times can I use the GCash QR vouchers?

Your voucher can only be used once.

Can I share my GCash QR vouchers?

Your vouchers are stored in your own GCash app so only you can use it.

I’m a TM customer, can I also avail of this offer?

TM customers can avail of this offer when they register to EasySURF299 & up.

How about for Postpaid customers?

Sorry, but this promo is only available to Globe Prepaid and TM customers.