Lazada-Exclusive Prepaid SIM Raffle

What is this promo all about?

Customers get a chance to win limited-edition BLACKPINK merchandise when they purchase a Globe Prepaid SIM Bundle at Globe's Flagship Store on Lazada from August 1 to 31, 2021.

How many raffle entries do I get when I purchase?

You get one (1) entry for every purchase of any participating SIM.

Can I win twice?

Each customer can only win once (1x) throughout the promo period.

Can I buy from other channels?

No. Only purchases from the Globe Flagship Store on Lazada will be honored.

How do I access the Globe Flagship Store on Lazada?

You can do this in three easy steps:

  1. Open your Lazada app.
  2. In the search box, type "Globe".
  3. Click the "Globe Flagship Store" in the search results.

What are the prizes?

PrizeFive (5) BLACKPINK Reinvent KitsTwo (2) Limited-edition BLACKPINK Poster


Globe AT HOME Black Pink

Globe x Black Pink digital fan event

Valued At




Each winner will get one of each:

• One (1) box,

• One (1) T-shirt

• One (1) “The Show” welcome kit

Each winner will get one of each:

• One (1) poster signed by BLACKPINK

When are the draw dates?

Purchase PeriodRaffle DrawPrize(s)

August 1 - August 15

August 23

• Four (4) winners of BLACKPINK Reinvent Kit - one (1) each

August 16 - August 31

September 6 

• One (1) winner of one (1) BLACKPINK Reinvent Kit

• Two (2) winners. Each will get one (1) Limited-edition BLACKPINK poster signed by BLACKPINK

I did not win during the 1st raffle draw. Am I still included in the next draw?

Yes. Non-winning entries are automatically included in the next draw.

How will I know that I already won?

You will receive a text message from Globe within 48 hours after the draw. Winners will also be posted on Globe's official social media accounts.

How do I claim my prize?

You will receive your prize based on the details indicated on the Lazada app, including your name, address, and order number. Once you receive the text message from Globe, your prize will be delivered based on your geographical location.

Do I have to pay for the delivery of my prize?

No, delivery of your prize is free of charge.