What is Globe Prepaid Surf20?

Surf20 is Globe Prepaid's exclusive promo for customers in Cebu. It offers all day surfing, up to 400 MB, P20 for 1 day

Wow! How do I register to Surf20?

To register, just text SURF20 to 8080 and wait for the confirmation message for your Surf20 registration.

How long is Surf20 valid?

Surf20 is valid for 24 hours upon registration. You will receive an SMS notification when your Surf20 expires. Standard rates will then apply after this period.

I see. Can I still use my unused MB from my Surf20 after it has expired?

Sorry, but your unused MB for surfing will be forfeited after the 24-hour validity of the promo.

Do I need a maintaining balance to use this service?

No maintaining balance required to use the promo

How will I know if I am registered to the service already?

You will receive an SMS confirming your registration to Surf20. Once received, you can already start enjoying your Surf20 valid for 1 day!

Where is Surf20 available?

Surf20 is a special offer exclusive for customers in CEBU only.

If I register to Surf20 in Cebu and move elsewhere in the country (e.g. Manila), will I still be able to use the offer outside Cebu area?

Yes, you can use your Surf20 nationwide but registration is only available in Cebu.

Can I use my Surf20 outside the country/roaming?

Surf20 can only be used in the Philippines. Regular roaming charges will apply outside the country.

I am not in any of the selected provinces covered by the promo, but why was I able to register?

You were probably along the outskirts of the region when you tried to register to Surf20. While the previous attempt was successful, there is no guarantee that you will be able to register to the service again from that same area.

Is Surf20 available to Globe Postpaid and TM customers as well?

Sorry, but Surf20 is an exclusive offer for Globe Prepaid customers in Cebu only.

How can I check the status of my subscription?

You can text SURF20 STATUS to 8080 for free to check the status of your Surf20 promo.

In what increments can I use up my 400MB? Does it have to be a one-time 400MB session or can I break my sessions down per KB/MB?

Your 400MB will be consumed every time you surf during the duration of your promo. You can use up 100MB now then another 300MB later on as long as it is within the validity period.

Browsing over an accumulated total of 400MB will be charged standard browsing rates.

How does Surf20 monitor my MB consumption?

The promo monitors your consumption by KB and MB. Excess bytes in one browsing session will be counted as a full KB. For example, a 2MB and 5 byte session will be counted as 2MB and 1KB consumed from your available 50MB.

What if I am in the middle of a browsing session and I reach an accumulated 400MB, will my session be cut?

Yes, your current browsing session will be cut once you have fully used up the 400MB. This is to prevent customers from being charged automatically once their 400MB are used up. Register again to continue enjoying the promo. No need to unsubscribe once your data allocation is used up. Otherwise, standard browsing rates will apply.

How can I stop my Surf20 registration?

Just text SURF20 STOP to 8080 for free to stop your promo registration.