Popular FAQs for Text Promos

What is the Globe SuperAll Txt 20 promo?

Globe SuperAll Txt 20 lets Globe Prepaid customers send 250 local texts to all networks (Smart, Sun, Red, and TNT) for just Php20 for 1 day!

I'm using Prepaid. How do I subscribe to SuperAll Txt 20?

Simply text ATXT20 and send it to 8080 to register.

Do note that you can only subscribe to SuperAll Txt 20 via SMS. The promo is currently not available through AutoLoadMAX and Share-A-Load.

Php20 will be automatically deducted from your Prepaid account upon registration. A maintaining balance of Php1 is also required to use the service.

What is Globe SULITXT?

Globe SuliTxt lets Globe Prepaid and Postpaid customers get to enjoy 100 Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM text messages good for 1 whole day for only Php15!

Great! How can I register to these UnliTxt All Day services?

You can register to the promo's various denominations using these keywords:

For Unlitxt20: Register by texting UNLITXT20 to 8080.

For Unlitxt40: Register by texting UNLITXT40 to 8080.

For Unlitxt80: Register by texting UNLITXT80 to 8080.

For Unlimited Daytime Texting from 8AM to 4:59PM: Register by texting UNLITXTD15 for 1 day or UNLITXTD30 for 2 days to 8080.

For Unlimited Night Shift Texting from 10PM to 7:59AM: Register by texting UNLITXTN10 for 1 day or UNLITXTN20 for 2 days to 8080.

What is the SUPERTXT promo offer from Globe?

The SUPERTXT promo lets you send unlimited text messages to other Globe/TM users for 30 days. It is also available as an All-You-Can service under the Globe My Super Plan.

This promo is available until further notice.