AutoSweep and EasyTrip

What is this promo about?

Globe customers can claim AutoSweep and EasyTrip RFID Load.

  • P300 AutoSWEEP RFID Load for 315 points
  • P500 EasyTrip RFID Load for 525 points

Who is entitled to the promo?

Only Postpaid and Platinum mobile customers with enough points are eligible to redeem these offers

What’s the difference between AutoSweep and EasyTrip?

EasyTrip is accessible on the SCTEX, NLEX, CALAX, and C5 Link, in addition to the CAVITEX while, Autosweep is used in expressways such as MCX, TPLEX, STARTOLL, NAIAX, and SKYWAY.

What are eGift codes?

eGift codes are alphanumeric codes that allow users to claim discount vouchers from their chosen Giftaway partner merchant.

Where are the e-gift Codes valid?

Customers may use eGift codes to reload their AutoSWEEP and EasyTrip RFIDs.

When are the e-gift Codes valid?

The codes are valid until August 31, 2023.

How will I know if I have successfully redeemed the offer in the GlobeOne app?

Customer will get a confirmation message from 4438 with the link and unique code.

What are the other restrictions?

  • The e-gift code can only be used once and is not exchangeable for cash credit, discounts, or other goods and services.
  • Globe is not liable to offer a replacement code for codes that are used or expired