What is Beebly?

It is a digital library that carries an extensive selection of curriculum and reference materials that provide students an opportunity to take charge of their own learning. Apart from reading materials, a large variety of videos and audiobooks will be readily available. To know more, visit Beebly

What is the promo about?

Globe customers can redeem Beebly vouchers via the New GlobeOne app. Each code may only be used once.

Until when is the code valid?

Voucher is only valid till February 28, 2023.

Where can I use the vouchers I redeemed via the New GlobeOne app?

Vouchers can only be used in the partner app

  • For iOS:
  • For Android:

Terms and Conditions:

  • The warranty of the products and the quality of the services being offered under this promo shall be the responsibility of Beebly, subject to their terms and conditions.
  • The offer is not exchangeable for cash, credit or other goods and services
  • In the event that Globe Rewards uses Beebly and/or its vendors’ trademarks, logo, or slogan, the former agrees to abide by the terms and conditions for the use of the same. The same limitation shall apply to Beebly in the use of Globe Rewards’ name, trademarks, logos and similar materials. The parties commit to consult and secure prior written approval from each other before any of the other’s trademarks or logos are published, printed or displayed in public or during any activities related to this promo.
  • Bebbly Terms and Conditions will also apply.